Not to be dramatic but if someone suggests a coffee date as a first date I genuinely consider telling them I've moved to a different country. Why? I'm an awkward person and sitting down with someone I barely know where we are supposed to keep up a conversation all night is basically my worst nightmare. 

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So, if you're like me and are realizing that you can't hide behind the "let's go to the movies!! (because then I only have to worry about making conversation for like 10 minutes before the movie starts*) suggestion for the rest of your life, check out these other options in the city! 

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Bowling at The Ballroom Bowl 

Bowling is the best for first dates because not only can 80% of your conversation at the beginning consist of making fun of their (or your) lack of bowling skills, but throwing 16 pound balls around can help relax your nerves too!

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Any and every kind of festival

Awkward hiccup in the convo? "oh wow, look at that cool *insert whatever the heck you went to the festival for.*" At festivals it's practically impossible to run out of things to talk about because so many things are happening around you! So check out what festivals are going on and plan that first date!

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Biking along the Harbour Front

There are tons of filler conversations you can have when you are out and about, but more importantly if the date is going that bad, you can just ~bike away~.

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Testing your escape skills at Mysterious Minds 

Escape rooms are a great option as well, whether you want to get a friend and their partner to join or get paired with strangers, they are a great way to get comfortable during a first date. Plus, if everything is going well you can follow it up with dinner!

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Breaking the ice with ping pong at SPiN Toronto

I may be biased because I am obsessed with ping pong, but SPiN is such a good time. Playing ping pong is a great way to have an actual conversation while you're playing but also have awkward silences not be as awkward seeing as your playing a game the whole time!

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Getting your game on at Snakes and Lattes

If you couldn't tell already, I've replaced my movie date crutch with activity date crutches. At Snakes and Lattes things get fun and competitive before it can get awkward! So relax, order some beers, pick your favourite board games and prepare for a chill but still fun night!

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Channeling your inner Robin Hood at the Archery District

Don't stress over what you'll talk about if you choose this spot for a first date because you only really have to worry about keeping up conversation between firing arrows at targets! Not only is it a ton of fun but it's a really unique idea which will definitely score you points with your plus one.

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Shuffleboarding the night away at Track & Field

Track & Field is definitely a unique spot when it comes to bars that are centred around games. The venue hosts bocce ball and shuffleboard so if you aren't the most athletically inclined but still want an activity based night to ease your nerves, this place is a definite go-to!

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Getting a drink at Night Owl

First of all your date is going to be blown away by how cool and eccentric Night Owl is if they've never been there before. On top of that the space hosts some great arcade options that'll help break the ice before settling down for a drink and further conversations throughout the night!

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Going To The Ex

Between the rides, concerts, crowds and crazy food selections there are tons of things to do and talk about at The Ex! It's a perfect option if you are gearing towards an option where you can still enjoy the hot Summer weather.

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Checking out Ripley's Aquarium 

Finally, Ripley's is a great option if you want to go somewhere cool but still want to have ample space to have a solid conversation. There is tons going on so if it does get a little awkward there are many ways to kick up a new convo, but if the conversation is free flowing there's no pressure to pay attention to every single fish tank!