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11 Toronto Girl Bosses Who Are Killing The Game RN

If there's one thing we're obsessed with, it's people who get shit DONE. Motivated, talented individuals, grinding and inspiring us. With social media these days, we are super lucky to have access to thousands of people who have the same wants, goals and aspirations as ourselves. 

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Toronto has always been a thriving city when it comes to the job industry. We are incredibly lucky to have a metropolis that supports all kinds of careers, from finance to creative industries and more. With such a great infrastructure, people are able to climb to the top of their career. Not just any people either - bomb ass, bad ass women. 

We thought we'd highlight some amazing, inspiring ladies in our great 4-1-6 in as a way of saying hey, we see you, and we think you're dope. 

Dani Roche // Editor-in-chief, Kastor & Pollux

When we go to sleep, we dream of being Dani Roche. Owner/creator of Kastor & Pollux -  creative agency that covers fashion, beauty, art and design, culture, and tech - Dani is always at the top of our Girl Boss list. She is effortlessly chic, incredibly cool, and creates some of the cleanest, aesthetically pleasing content. She also recently scored a Vogue interview, so you know she's chic as fuck. 

Bianca Scarlato // Photographer, Singer, Content Creator 

Bianca Scarlato is probably cooler than you. But that's okay, because she's much cooler than we are too. This girl wears a million hats - and we're not talking about Gucci buckets - though there's no doubt she could rock the fuck outta those. Bianca has become a go-to photographer Toronto's powerhouse brand, Peace Collective, and also has her dope photos reposted by rap gods on the regular. She also just released her first single, Missed Calls, this year. Girl's wild and we're into it. 

Daniella Beca // Author, Blog Editor 

Daniella is a whole lot of lady packed into one, small body. She wrote her journal-style blog, My Composition Notebook, over the course of her undergrad, attracting thousands of readers. Daniella compiled some of her favourite poetry and prose pieces into her debut book, I'm Not Blue Anymore, which released this June. We read it all in one sitting and fell even more in love with her!! ! ! 

Emily Battaglini // Blogger, Photographer, Self Love Guru

If you're ever having a bad day, please head over to Emily's Instagram. She is a beacon of positivity and encouragement in the loveliest of packages. Emily has attracted thousands of followers from her prose and just general demeanour. She'll be speaking at a self-love event coming soooooon so if you want to meet this peach irl click here for tickets. 

Ruby Benson // Creative Director/Content Creator/Model

Ruby is a social media maven with the world at her fingertips. Her eclectic personal style attracted attention from lust-worthy luxury and off the rack brands like Nordstrom, Converse, PUMA, and Soho House. Her aesthetic is enviable, her voice is relatable - as a millennial blogger, there are few doing better than Ruby. 

Mary Young // Designer/Founder of Mary Young Lingerie

If there's anyone making more relevant or beautiful lingerie in the game rn, please let us know. Mary Young has it on lock.  Mary Young designs ethically produced loungewear and lingerie for the modern day lady, to help women feel empowered and comforted by their sexuality. Her pieces are soft, beautiful and sexy. Grab your first set here

Diana Reyes // Dancer, Choreographer, DJ

Best known for dancing up a storm in music videos, Diana still busts pretty mean moves irl - whether she's in the studio or teaching.

Ella Avila // Founder, HERCreative 

You may not know Ella Avila, but you will fking soon. Ella founded HER - a showcase for female talent of all mediums, from spoken word to dance. There is nothing that screams girl power more than Ella & HER. 

Jonelle Filigno Hopkins // Athlete, ADIDAS marketing rep

Jonelle mastered the transition from soccer star to marketing manager basically overnight. Once a Team Canada favourite, Jonelle traded her cleats in for a keyboard and has been killing it with ADIDAS ever since! 

Chloe Wilde // E-talk Host, Blogger 

Chloe went from being a student, to a Much Music VJ, to an E!Canada host practically overnight. More than just a bubbly gal, Chloe also has a degree in psychology from McGill - which she uses to make some truly great on-screen interviews with celebs. 

Bianca Harris // Make-up artist, Podcaster, CEO & Founder of WIPP

Bianca Harris is all about empowering women and we couldn't be more fking glad. Girl made a company dedicated to Women Inspiring Passion and Purpose. Wipp "spreads knowledge through impactful events and online content; focused on mental health, body image, career cultivation and sexuality." Shoutout Bianca for keeping it real, cool & empowering.

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