Okay, so the Hallo-week is here and the Hallo-weekend is soon approaching. So, guess what? Being out of costume ideas is not an option. Plus, if you're looking for ways to pay homage to our beloved City of Toronto, you have come to the right place.

SO, like magic, here are your ideas, straight out of the 6ix:

(Now, don't everyone DIY these all at once. PS. You're welcome)

1. Jimmy Brooks (AKA Drake in Degrassi)

Jimmy Brooks AKA Drake circa 'way back when.' While everyone will be hotline blinging it up, you'll stand out with this nostalgic costume.Jimmy Brooks was star of the Degrassi basketball team and was a member of the '07 graduating class. This costume is not complete without:

1. A basketball.

2. A grey and blue sweatsuit, repping Degrassi basketball (duh), class of '07, maybe "Jimmy" (just to be obvious), and you can throw in the number "6" for good measure. Get this made here. Or make it yourself if you're that crafty.

3. A Drake (or Jimmy Brooks, whatever you want to call it) celebrity mask.

4. Maybe carry an modern-day OVO lighter to add some sass.

Happy Jimmy-ing! Next!

2. The Addisons

Meet your new neighbours, The Addisons − potentially one of Toronto's most mysterious couples, because no one has ever actually met them. They are, however, most likely decked out in banana leaves, per their retro Beverly Hills-styled home. So, you should also deck yourselves out in banana leaves if you are dressing as them for Halloween.

Mr. Addison should wear a banana leaf bowtie, while Mrs. Addison should don a banana leaf skirt, or something. Mix in some classy stained wood accessories and even a key or letter "A" charm and you're good to go. Don't forget the wedding rings! Playing house is fun!

3. The Weeknd

Dress up like Toronto sweetheart The Weeknd in comfy #weekend clothes. Hunt down one of plenty TGIF (or similar) tops, or DIY one yourself. Finish it off with some XO sweats or an XO tuque. Bonus points if you carry his CD and nail the hairdo.

If you're feeling really creative, spice it up and make it The Hallo-Weeknd to add some Halloween/spooky flair. Vampire fangs? Maybe! That'll be one spicy XO ;)

4. #DeadRacoonTO

First off, RIP Conrad. Hopefully this isn't too soon. Either way, if it is and if you're feeling particularly jerky, then perhaps this #DeadRacoonTO costume is for you.

Pick out any old racoon costume, carry a bouquet of red roses, and wear a Conrad name tag (that was his name, people). Maybe draw some x's over your eyes and enjoy the night breaking hearts ... poor little guy.

5. Norm Kelly

This one is so easy because Toronto's favourite 6ix Dad is selling his own celebrity mask AND raising funds for Canadian Feed The Children at the same time. Get the mask by emailing councillor_kelly@toronto.ca.

For the rest of the costume, wear business attire and sport a #1 Dad necklace or badge. You can probably find these at a dollar store. Stay awesome Norm!

6. CN Tower

Print a pic of the CN Tower (you can find many on Instagram) on thick poster-board and secure it to a black or grey headband. Wear grey. Done. No one will ask what you are ... and if they do, smile and wave boys.

7. Deadmau 5

This is 100% a group costume. You need 5 people. Exactly everyone be Deadmau5. There are five of you. Get it?

8. Ikea Monkey

Monkey costume + beige button up coat + Ikea bag. This may be the best costume ever. You'll be warm and you'll have a place to put your stuff.

Happy Halloween! THE END!

But wait, encore! Encore! Fine here are a few extras:

9. TTC Driver: the Toronto-ized version of your classic taxi driver, pilot, etc. Note the TTC slogan, "ride the rocket." Use your imagination.

10. The Path: a DIY t-shirt/outfit with directions that are confusing and hard to navigate. (We love you, Path).

11. Toronto Public Library: if you're feeling extremely lazy, Drake General Store sells Toronto Public Library t-shirts. Also, carry a book or something... and your library card.

Have a spook-tacular Hallo-weekend!