Being a student basically comes hand-in-hand with being broke AF.  

Luckily we live in a city that somewhat understands that (disregarding insane rent costs).  Toronto has a few ways for thrifty students to save a little bit of cash here and there.

This list is for those of you feeling the pain of future tuition costs and textbook fees.  Be sure to take advantage of these awesome money saving tips come September.

1. Bring your own food to Jays Games

The Rogers Center allows you to bring any outside food that is wrapped, bagged or left inside a container to avoid anything spilling and making a mess. So skip out on the 10 dollar popcorn and bring your own!

2. Go to free yoga classes at LuLuLemon

Skip out on the gym membership and take advantage of free yoga classes that are offered in the city! For example, LuLu Lemon offers a Sunday "Sweat with us" series of free yoga classes. Be sure to check out their community board for information on their upcoming classes.

3. Use the pedals on the public trash cans

This is not a money saving tip, but it is great for avoiding touching the nasty trashcans.

4. Download the parking app

Parking in Toronto can get super pricy, if you are a commuter this will save you a lot of money.

Download the app here.

5. Go to class before buying your textbooks

A lot of the time profs will give you a book list before class starts, but there is a good chance you won't end up using half of those textbooks. Wait until the first class and see which books the prof actually recommends before dropping $700 on 4 textbooks.

6. Bring your student card everywhere for discounts

Toronto has tons of restaurants, shops and venues that offer student discount. Fro example Topshop offers 10% off when you bring your student card, and Dance Cave offers $5 cover when you bring your student card!

For a list of places that offer student discounts click here.

7. Utilize Bunz Trading Zone

If you're looking to furnish your dorm room or student house, check out Bunz Trading Post. Your city will most likely have a group of their own on Facebook, and you can usually find some cool furniture and small appliances.

8. Get a bike

This will cut down both your gym membership costs and TTC fair. Biking can sometimes be the fastest way to get around the city, and it's also a great workout.

9. Use the Path instead of Transit

In bad weather an Uber or a cab is super appealing. Although, Toronto has an underground path that will keep you completely dry, and won't cost you a thing!

10. Check the weather with the Canada Life building and avoid turning on your data

The lights on top of the Canada life building actually has a purpose, who knew?!

The top light shows:

Steady green = clear

Steady red = cloudy

Flashing red = rain

Flashing white = snow

The white lights along the support tower show:

Lights running up = warmer

Lights running down = cooler

Steady = steady temperature

11. Know your bars, and skip out on the over priced ones

Luckily, Toronto is home to some super inexpensive bars. We have compiled a few different lists including bars that don't charge cover, and bars where you can get beers for under $6. Check them out here and here.

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