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11 Toronto Patios For Every Summer Vibe

Give me a chill rating from Kygo to Skrillex please.

Toronto weather makes some seasons as unreliable as the TTC, but one season we can always count on? PATIO SZN. It's a long standing tradition in Toronto, whether it's after work power hour, saturday afternoon lounging or taking in all the views the six has to offer. Torontonians flock to patios on every occasion so obviously the cities capitalized on this an it seems you can find a patio on just about every block now. So which one do you go to?

Sometimes it's comforting to hear a Frat guy yelling, "THIS IS SO LIT" while draining his 5 dollar pint.? But other days? You really just need to release your inner Scott Fitzgerald and channel your inner refined self. (Which definitely wasn't out the night before). Basically, we get it. You don't always want a bumping patio, but when you do you need to know which ones to invest 10 dollars per drink in. We got you Toronto, here's a list of patio's for every vibe your feeling. Our ranking is simple, if a patio get's 5 ?? You'll be lucky to hear your own thoughts let alone your friends, perfect for those mind numbing zone out days we need. If we give it a simple, ?, you can definitely count on some chill vibes. READY FOR THE HYPE?

1. After Work Power Hour  // Earl's ???

This financial district hot spot seems to be the watering hole for any banker or lawyer within a 5km radius. This spot is on fire come 5pm and with a crowd fresh off work, you know you're going to get enough hype to let loose after a long day in the office.

2. Saturday Afternoon Drinks // The Porch ????

Do you even live in Toronto if you don't have a photo of you, a giant bucket and the CN tower in the background? The Porch is a staple for the Torontonians ready for a rowdy afternoon of "candids", bucket beers, and one of the best views of the city.

3. People Watching // Future Bakery ??

The Annex provides an ideal mix of people for you to sit, enjoy and do what we all do best (even if you don't admit it), people watch. Grab some friends on a sunny day and head out to enjoy all the variety the annex has to offer.

4. Classy Dinner Out // Gusto 101 ???

This Italian restaurant on Portland has two levels of sun soaking possibilities, the upper roof being the faster to fill up. You can count on a crowd to keep the spirits high, but not so may that you feel like you need a microphone to have a conversation. Good food, good view and good company? We're definitely vibing with this 3/5.

 4. Catching Up With Friends // Mill Street Brew Pub ???

Mill Street Brew Pub is the iconic brewery located right in the middle of the Distillery District. From day drinks, early cocktails to a sobering brew at the end of the night the food, chill atmosphere and spacious but bountiful tables give this patio a 3/5.

5. For An Adventure // Cold Tea ????

Who knew cold was the new hot? Tired of the normal pub in the corner? Head over to Cold Tea for a hilarious crowd that, in the intimate outdoor setting, is sure to last late into the night. The only catch? You have to find this hidden Kensington Market gem before you can really start the night.

6. For Vegetarians Who Are Sick Of Ordering Garden Salads // Live Organic Food Bar ?

This intimate restaurant/vegetarian haven is hidden beside Dupont station and serves as the perfect retreat for all those vegetarians who are always compromising their dining options for patios. With delicious food and a cute patio in the back, this is the perfect spot for anyone looking for a detoxifying patio experience.

7. When You Feel Like An A Lister // Thompson Hotel Toronto  ???

Okay, well the intent for a classy night is definitely available at one the cities most coveted rooftop patios. It doesn't hurt that the view is perfect for a sunset Instagram either. You'll get an a-lister/wannabe/waspy vibe here, meaning the crowd is the perfect amount of fun with a hint of sophistication to keep you feeling classy AF.

8. Friday Night Drinks // The Madison Avenue Pub  ????

The fun already starts out when you try and make your way through the mass of people crowding this popular student pub on Friday nights, it's gonna be a good night here. The Maddy provides the perfect stage for those night when you don't want the absolute hype of the club but you're craving more than drinks in a booth. Hit up the Maddy for a night of what we can only coin as "chill hype". (You know, like the calming beats of any Kygo song)

9. Sunday Recovery // Amsterdam Brewhouse ??

This is THE place to go if you're craving the hype level of a day relaxing at the cottage- and we all know that comes with good food, great beer and chill vibes to keep your mood high. The Muskoka chairs give it the ultimate calming vibe, while the 300 seats available give it just enough hype to keep it interesting.

10. For The Foodies // Bar Buca (King West) ??

Buca has consistently been rated the best restaurant in the city for years now, and the crowd is just proof that they don't plan on stopping that quality anytime soon. Not the main Yorkville location but the even hipper Bar Buca gets 2 flames for all that heat. Head here for a classy and chic atmosphere, one matched with an intimate patio perfect for the times you want to treat yourself (which should be everyday), while being able to have an audible conversation.

10. For Your Inner Badass // The Bovine Sex Club ????

What do you get when you mix junkyard and bike part decor with a fully stocked tiki bar and a kick ass patio? The Queen West establishment that is The Bovine Sex Club, that's what you get. It's a haven for the alternative music scene and a sweet way to kick off (or end) any night.

11. Brunch // Wish  ??

Accurately named Wish fills all of our wishes with it's adorable patio and amazing food. The weekend brunch selection is hype enough for us, and they keep it chill with an adorable patio that'll give you plenty of opportunities to recap the night before without having the fight off greasy elbows of other customers.

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