11 Toronto Predictions For 2017 According To A Psychic

Guess who's having a baby.
11 Toronto Predictions For 2017 According To A Psychic

Psychic Nikki is an audient clairvoyant, someone who has the ability to see and hear and come up with specifics in regards to the future. Her talent has been praised amongst many and she has made several media appearances on television and radio shows across Canada. Excited for 2017? There might be a couple of changes coming to the 6ix in the new year.

For 2017 Nikki has made some interesting  and gasping predictions for Toronto. Drake will get into a serious relationship and may become a baby Daddy, buy a sports team and star in a movie. City hall may seriously get flooded, TTC CEO Andy Byford may resign and Doug Ford may announce about his future plans running as mayor for the city. The Raptors may have a change in management, unfortunately a couple of minor injuries but they still have a high chance of making the playoffs. You know who else she saw making it big in 2017? The Leafs!!! Nikki has predicted there may finally step up their game and make it to the playoffs in the near future!!!

Don't believe her? Well, you should keep in mind that Nikki's past foresights have turned into reality. As she predicted in previous years, Rob Ford became ill, John Tory became the Mayor of Toronto and the food related break out illnesses obtained by many people from the CNE.  She also predicted 9/11, Michael Jackson's death and Kate Middleton's pregnancies.

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Source: Metro News