University or college residence can be the experience of a lifetime, but going from having your own room at home to living with a random person can be a pretty big change for many. You go from doing practically whatever you want on your own schedule to having to remember that there's another person sleeping right beside you! Luckily, if you know these unspoken rules, you are guaranteed to come out of residence unscathed! 

1. Don't hook up with floor mates.

I mean floorcest is just a bad idea in general, if you don't want to have awkward run-ins constantly, keep your floor mate relations strictly platonic!

2. Wear sandals in the shower FFS.

First of all if you aren't doing this already, I am seriously concerned and you need to go to a doctor to make sure you don't have a weird fungus growing under your toes. Seriously though, save us all the cringe and just buy them at Bed Bath and Beyond or something.

3. Don't leave the bathroom a pigsty. 

If you don't want to walk into a dirty bathroom, don't leave the bathroom dirty- simple as that!

4. Let your roommate know beforehand if you're bringing someone over to hook up so they can have a backup plan. 

The scrunchie over the door handle does NOT count. It's as easy as sending a simple text so that your roomie doesn't come home at 10 expecting to be able to binge watch Scandal in their onesie to instead learning that she's got to find a plan B while her phone charger is still in the room you both share.

5. Ask before you borrow. 

Whether it's a shirt or a bluetooth speaker, if you want to use it just ask and they probably will let you use it, though if you ask to borrow be open to lending your own stuff out to your roomie too!

6. Sharing is caring. 

Share your stuff! Especially if you are borrowing stuff from your roomie, it's only fair that they get to borrow stuff from you too!

7. Don't touch their stuff without asking. 

Respect that if they have an addiction to iced tea or don't even trust their parents with their guitar and just just their personal stuff alone.

8. Clean your side of the room. 

Nobody likes a messy person, or a hoarder for that matter. From doing your laundry regularly to just making sure you don't forget about that 7 week old bagel under your bed, clean up!

9. Be respectful.

With their stuff, with them, with even your dorm room as a whole!

10. Understand that people have different lifestyles. 

If you love sleeping in and they love getting up early, don't get mad if she's trying to quietly wake up and she won't get mad that you stay up late!

11. Wear headphones if you are listening/watching something in a common room. 

Don't be that person who watches Netflix on full blast when people are trying to have conversations, make notes or read a book in a common area. Just pop some earbuds in and everyone will be happy!