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11 Best Iced Coffees In Toronto

To fuel your addiction!

With summer on its way we all start to move our caffeine addiction over to something a little more refreshing, iced coffee.  Toronto has so many awesome options to mix up your early morning pick-me-up!  These iced coffees are some of the best in the city, and they will make your work week just that much better!

1. Balzacs // 43 Hanna Avenue

Balzac's offers a variety of iced coffees, but a must have is the Caffè Affogato. This is a necessity for those hot and humid summer days that always seem to make an appearance. A shot of espresso with a scoop of gelato is the perfect excuse to have dessert before 10 AM.

2. Fika // 28 Kensington Ave

Fika's iced coffee is an amazing Monday morning pick me up. This iced coffee has a hint of mint, which keeps coffee breath at bay!

Photo cred - @pilotcoffee

3. Pilot Coffee // 124 Ossington Ave.

Pilot Coffee is home to an amazing local cold brew that tastes great straight from the can or poured into a glass over ice. This cold brew has a rich and creamy flavour, and is available at multiple locations all over Toronto.

4. Quantum // 460 King St W.

This coffee shop is more photogenic than most Instagram models. Not only is their interior beautiful but their coffee is also amazing. If you're looking for a strong coffee that's a bit more on the bitter side, this is the place for you!

5. Hula Girl // 2473 Dundas St. West & 456 Ossington Ave.

Hula Girl Espresso Bar is one of the cutest coffee shops in Toronto, and offers multiples iced options for coffee lovers. In the summer months they offer a cold brew that is a 12 hr drip, and year around they offer amazing iced lattes! Not to mention they have super helpful and friendly staff!

6. Sumach Espresso // 118 Sumach St

This is the ideal place to feed your iced coffee addiction! Sumach Espresso is currently adding on a patio, which means it will soon be the optimal go-to brunch spot.

Photo cred - @sweetjesus4life

7. Sweet Jesus // 106 John St.

Ice cream isn't the only thing Sweet Jesus has perfected. This Espresso Shake is one of the most decadent versions of an iced coffee out there, treat yo'self!

8. Dineen Coffee Co. // 140 Yonge St

The Iced Mocha at Dineen Coffee Co. is like no other. Seriously. For those who like things a little sweeter, this is your new morning pick-me-up!

9. Sam James Coffee Bar // 917 Queen Street W.

There are multiple locations around the city where you can get a Sam James Iced Coffee, thank goodness. This iced coffee is delicious and fairly priced!

10. Jimmy's Coffee // 107 Portland St

Jimmy's Coffee is home to the amazing Golden latte aka the Goldie Hawn. This summer drink is a combination of Turmeric, honey, ginger, espresso, and the milk of your choice. YUM.

11. Sorry Coffee Co. // 102 Bloor St W

Iced lattes are a staple to get you through the work week. Sorry Coffee Co. does a great job at a caffeinated classic, definitely a must try this summer!

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