It is no surprise, sushi is loved by many! But it is not always the most budget-friendly. So for all my sushi lovers in Toronto, I've got good news for you. There are AYCE sushi buffets to fit everyone's price range. Take some time out of your day to head down over to some of these Japanese joints, and I promise, you won't be disappointed.

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WARNING: food porn up ahead, please proceed with caution.

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Noka Sushi // 513 Bloor St. West

Noka Sushi is an award winning Restaurant. They offer traditional rolls & hot Japanese entrees along with vegetarian options! Their lunch all you can eat is $14.95. Definitely, budget friendly and they deliver as well.

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Sushi Bon // 695 College Street 

With the all you can eat buffet starting from $16.95, Sushi Bon is a must to check out this summer for your sushi needs. Sushi Bon is known for their impressive quality of ingredients. Their most popular roll is the arctic roll. Check out the coupons offered on their website before heading in, you may even be able to find a sweet deal!

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Sushi House // 209 Dundas St. West

Sushi House is iconic for their $4.99 takeout special for 16 pieces. Yeah, that's right, 16 pieces for only 5 bucks. How can you pass up a deal like that? Their all you can eat buffet is reasonably priced and they are known to be very consistent with their rolls. Sushi House offers heat vents under the table and has a tv inside for the costumer's enjoyment. I think it's safe to say, it's time to set up camp at Sushi House.

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Katsu Sushi //  572 Danforth Ave

Known as a hidden gem on Danforth. Katsu Sushi has a huge menu to choose from, so you will definitely have options to play with. You can even do a 360 tour of the place on their website of the restaurant before heading in. With only $25 for all you can eat on weekends, Katsu Sushi is definitely on our list!

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California Roll // 1634 Bayview Ave

Located in East York, California Roll has a unique name and an, even more, unique vibe. Their buffet is starting $14.99 and also offer Chinese dim sum and Thai food.

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Yonge Sushi // 3421 Yonge St

So good that people come back twice in one week! Yonge Sushi is known for their freshest rolls. With only $25 after tax for dinner, and on weekends!! This amazing all you can eat sushi buffet is a must go. For all my broke friends, you also get a 10% discount if you pay with cash.

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Urawa Sushi // 254 Adelaide Street West

A true bouquet of classical Japanese flavors. Their menu has a large variety of traditional and modern Japanese dishes along with rice dishes, and dinner bento box and much more! Urawa Sushi delivers as well!

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Sashimi Island // 635 College St

Known as everyone's fav cheap sushi place. With all you can eat sushi starting from $15 you get to choose from a large variety of items from the menu. You can also get 20% off if you take out!

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Aji Sushi  // 467 Queen St. West 

For the fair price of $14.99 for all you can eat sushi, you are getting high-end sushi, this is definitely a steal in my books! When you're down there also try the Golden Bento Box on their à la carte menu this is known to be one of their top selling items!

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Kyoto House // 143 Dundas St. West

All you can eat starting at $13.99!! Kyoto House offers a decent variety of different items. The fish to rice ratio was really great for both sushi & the rolls. Make sure you bring cash with you for an extra 10% off!

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Sushi Sky // 478 Yonge St

Known as a great chill spot for both lunch and dinner time. Sushi Sky has been doing amazing ever since their reopening a few years back. Know for serving fresh, delicious and inexpensive Japanese dishes, this is a perfect spot to have sushi with friends.

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Gallery Sushi // 275 Dundas St. West

A relaxed environment, in a prime location. Gallery Sushi doesn't have the traditional look that most all you can eat sushi restaurants have. They have taken a modern approach to their interior design. Known to be generous with stuffings and toppings and rolled up into huge pieces.

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