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12 Areas In Toronto Where You'll Be Able To Catch 'Em All On Pokemon GO

If you haven't seen it trending on Facebook yet, get ready for this tidbit of info. Pokémon is coming to your phone. That's right, the Pokémon Company, Nintendo, and Niantic are working together to bring the game to a whole new platform: real life.

Pokémon Go will use location data and GPS from your phone to track digital Pokémon outside. That means you could be in Kensington Market when an alert goes off notifying you Mew is standing beside Big Fat Burrito.

Pretty cool, right?

So there's one big question most of us asked ourselves already: where can we find Pokémon in Toronto? Here are some of the potentially best places to catch a few. We've got some time to deliberate until official launch in 2016 anyways.

1. Weedle At Bloor Subway Station

Every day Bloor station is filled with people at a maximum capacity. It is arguably the busiest place in Toronto as the endless crowds commute back and forth from work and school. If anybody has played Pokémon on the Game Boy, you'll know how unexciting it is to come across a Weedle. They're just everywhere.

Photo Cred - Toon Barn

2. Snorlax At Robarts Library

As first semester goes on the work load piles up. Partying all night and cramming during the day takes a toll on a person, and Robarts tends to become an unofficial motel for exhausted students. Snorlax, we got you.

3. Jiggly Puff At Massey Hall

This Pokémon sings so much it puts people to sleep. It literally carries a microphone EVERYWHERE it goes. How could it not be found belting away in one of the best venues for acoustics in Toronto?

4. Squirtle At Ripley's Aquarium

Ripley's has to be the destination for such an outgoing, loveable, water slinging Pokémon. Hopefully you'll be able to find him near the new bar. Because beer.

5. Pikachu At The CN Tower

Where else but in and around the CN Tower can our favourite character hang out and mess around with some lightning bolts? Just stay away from the golf courses, please.

6. Haunter At Casa Loma

It's the only castle in Toronto and it's full of dark crevices and intrigue. Whether you're in the atrium or in a tower, it always gets a little creepy when no one else is around. It's the perfect habitat for a creepy ghost-like Pokémon such as Haunter.

Photo Cred - IMGKid

7. Meowth At King And Spadina

Usually up to no good trying to abduct Pokémon, he's pretty used to coming up with new schemes. Our bet is you'll find him at the most popular establishments full of schmoozing entrepreneurs and high rolling business people.

8. Machamp At Your Local CrossFit

CrossFit, the YMCA, basically anywhere where you're lifting weights and learning how to box, you may have a good chance in finding Machamp. That's the guy on the right. Bro, he lifts...with four arms.

9. Bulbasaur At Allan Gardens

The landmark conservatory is the perfect place for this bizarre creature. Allan Gardens is full of flowers, plants, and trees that make a perfect ecosystem for our little friend. Squirtle might be found there hanging out with the other turtles in the pond too.

10. Pidgey At Union Station

Pidgeons. Pidgeons everywhere. That gap between the subway station and Union is a yawning chasm of potential bird poop to the head. If your app notifies you of a Pidgey near by, is it worth the risk?

11. Psyduck At The Ryerson Quad

Students tend to stumble just like Psyduck out of their classes and onto the quad, dazed and confused after listening to a stretched out three hour lecture. Will you have enough brain power left to catch him?

Photo Cred - Pokemon Wikia

12. Mewtwo At Ontario Place

A seemingly desolate area turned epic during events such as Digital Dreams, how cool would it be to find Mewtwo at a show? With powers such as his, he'd be right up there with you when the bass drops. It can't get much better than catching one of the rarest of them all during a concert.

But this is 12 out of what, a million? If the project goes through and delivers, we'll all be connected and returned to our childhood in real time.

Where do you think we can find Pokémon? Let us know!

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