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12 Best Bars To Get Fvcking Wild At With Your BFF

Happy Thirsty Thursday!
12 Best Bars To Get Fvcking Wild At With Your BFF

These bars all have one thing in common, the potential to be the venue for your wildest night of the summer.  Grab your most savage friends , plan the pre game, and head out to some of these bars ASAP.  You will not regret hitting up some of these spots, or the drunk food you'll be inhaling afterwards.

Remember to hit up one of these adorable places for your hangover brunch the following morning.  Good luck to you and your squad, party hard.

1. Fly 2.0 // 6 Gloucester St.

Fly literally something out of Magic Mike. Smoke machines, shirtless men, endless booze and all. This after hours bar is perfect for your friends who never stop raging. If you're interested in partying until the sun comes up and the McDonalds breakfast menu is available, this is the place for you.

2. Dance Cave // Lee's Palace, 529 Bloor St W.

I went here on my 21st birthday and it was a night to remember (not that I do). This place has an unreal DJ, cheap drinks and offers free cover if you have your student ID. FINALLY my education is paying off.

3. 244 //244 Adelaide St W.

This student friendly bar has cheap drinks, free cover if you're on guest list and cool music. If you dare go downstairs be ready for tons of people dancing and a lot of sweaty bodies. 244 is now open Thursdays as well, so now you have ample reason to turn up!

Photo cred -@lost577

4. Lost and Found // 577 King St W.

There is a chance you and your squad may lose your dignity here, but as the name states, I'm sure you'll find it again at some point. Lost and Found is ideal if you're looking to dress up a little nicer and have a wild night out.

5. Gracie's // 14 Duncan St. 

Explaining Gracie's is difficult becuase it's such a unique experience. You will meet all types of Torontonians, drink all types of alcohol, and listen to every music genre imaginable.

6. Cake // 214 Adelaide St W

Cake is the home to many birthday parties, bachelorette parties, and everything in between. You will almost always see a party bus parked outside this venue. If you're looking to hit this place up with a large group of people, try their reasonably priced bottle service!

7. Cube // 314 Queen W.

Cube is the classic GTA club. Don't be surprised if you see somebody from your hometown high school here. Cube is awesome for those looking to experience Toronto nightlife for the first time, and get a feel for what this city has to offer. If you have not already been, this should be on your Toronto bucket-list.

8. The Maddy // 14 Madison Ave.

The Maddy is the U of T student's watering hole. This converted Toronto mansion is the home to a multi level bar, with a huge patio, dance floor and piano player. This bar has something for everybody!

9. Tequila Jacks // 184 Pearl St.

If you went to school in Toronto, there is a good chance this was your go-to spot in first year. Tequila Jacks has cheap tequila shots, good music, dancing poles, and the potential to be your next guilty pleasure bar.

10. Dog and Bear Pub // 1100 Queen St W.

Dog and Bear pub is very underrated. This place may not seem like it's a prime location to get rowdy , but I bet you or one of your friends has a killer story from a night at Dog and Bear.

11. The Boat // 158 Augusta Ave.

If you and your friends are into dancing, this is the bar for you. The boat is a little less mainstream than some of the other venues on our list, but its still just as awesome. If you're in the kensington area, be sure to check this place out!

12. Uniun // 473 Adelaide St W.

For those who like EDM and getting wild, this is your new playground. Uniun has guest DJs fairly often and is usually pretty packed, so be sure to arrive a bit earlier.

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