12 Best Food Trucks In Toronto Right Now

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12 Best Food Trucks In Toronto Right Now

I don't know why, but for some reason food always tastes better off of food trucks.  With the beautiful weather on its way there is even more of an excuse to hit the streets and eat outside! These 12 mouth-watering food trucks are definitely catering to the needs of hungry Torontonians.  Be sure to check out some of these awesome food trucks this summer!

1. Fully Loaded

Fully Loaded TO is a food truck that is new to the city this year! This food truck specializes in stuffed chicken wings (as seen in the photo above) but also has an extensive menu offering chicken and waffles, pizza and more!

2. Eva's Original Chimneys

This is easily the trendiest dessert of 2016. This Hungarian specialty is basically a donut ice cream cone, and we could not be more stoked to try it! Be sure to treat yourself this summer.

Photo cred -@fidelgastros

3. Fidel Gastro's

This delicious food truck is often found outside of the ROM on Friday nights! Be sure to stop by and try their tasty Pad Thai fries!

4. Mustache Burger

Mustache Burger is home to the cheesiest burgers in the city, not only do they use huge portions of cheese as a garnish, but you can also get cheese infused patties!

5. Curbside Bliss 

Curbside Bliss is definitely for those with a sweet tooth. This food truck offers a large array of baked goods, and are best known for their unbelievable cupcakes

6. Egg Man 

This is the first breakfast food truck in Toronto! Why not start your day off right with an awesome breakfast poutine, sandwich or quesadilla from this delicious food truck?

7. Heirloom

Heirloom is an awesome Toronto food truck that works with local farmers! Heirloom is all about sustainability and offers braised lamb sandwiches, duck sandwiches, whipped cheesecake and more.

Photo cred -@feedthesix

8. Feed The 6

Feed the 6 is a new Toronto food truck, that cooks with nothing but super fresh ingredients. Some of their best dishes are their veggie kimchi and jerk chicken sandwich. Make sure to track them down, they always update their location on their social media!

9. Jacked Up Coffee

This is the perfect pit stop for an early morning coffee, or a mid day pick-me-up! Jacked Up Coffee offers an extensive menu of caffeinated favourites and is definitely one of the cutest food trucks you'll see driving around the city!

10. Bake Three Fifty 

This food truck is taking the idea of an ice cream truck to a whole new level. Everyone needs to go try their ice cream and cookie sandwiches. If you can get away with eating two desserts at one time, always take that opportunity!

11. Feast Toronto 

You can never go wrong with dumplings, especially when they are from Feast Toronto. Feast offers a large menu full of asian street food. Make sure to keep an eye on their social media where they always drop their location.

12. La Novela

La Novela is a family run food truck with wonderful authentic tacos! All ingredients are always fresh and the staff are super friendly, be sure to pay them a visit this summer!

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