I think that nachos are the solution to 90% of the world's problems.  Or at least hangover related problems.

Nachos are the ultimate patio food, and the perfect late night bite.  Although they may not be super healthy, they are definitely a staple comfort food. Luckily Toronto has an abundance of options when it comes to this cheesy and greasy dish!

I have compiled a list of 12 amazing spots to grab a plate of nachos this summer.

Bon Appétit Toronto! :) 

Photo cred -@yellowpjs

1. Stone Lion // 1958 Queen St E.

The Stone Lion serves their nachos on a bed of green, red, and purple tortilla chips. Enjoy a generous sized portion of these awesome nachos on their outdoor patio while listening to some live music!

2. Sneaky Dee's // 431 College St. 

Sneaky Dee's nachos are a Toronto staple. This mountain of chips is topped with a huge dollop of guac and sour cream! Be sure to share these with a friend or five.

3. Mad Mexican // 405 Jane St. 

If you're looking for more authentic nachos, head over to Mad Mexican. You won't be disappointed by the fresh avocado, jalepenos, and cilantro they use to garnish their nachos.

4. The Kennedy Public House // 2199 Bloor St W.

If you like chipotle sauce, you will love these nachos. The Kennedy Public House includes fresh bell peppers, jalapeños, banana peppers, marinated tomatoes & chipotle sour cream in their nachos!

5. Hair of the Dog Pub // 425 Church St.

One of the best parts about these nachos are the chips. Hair of the Dog makes their chips in house, so they are always fresh and full of flavour. They also never skimp out on the cheese, which is essential to a great plate of nachos.

Photo cred -@rhettbutler

6. Prohibition Gastrohouse // 696 Queen Street E.

Prohibition serves their nachos on a large and shallow baking sheet. By only having one layer of chips they are able to make sure that each chip is garnished with all the toppings.

7. Morgan's on the Danforth // 1282 Danforth Ave.

Morgan's is a great spot if you're looking for something fresh! They put an interesting spin on their nachos by providing the option of adding beef brisket. If you're a meat lover this may be your new favourite nacho spot!

8. The Bishop and Belcher // 175 Bloor St E.

If you're looking for some classic pub styled nachos, this is your place. The Bishop and Belcher drizzle their chips with pico de gallo for extra flavour. They also offer chicken, beef, pulled bbq pork and a vegetarian option!

10. Utopia // 586 College St.

Utopia is an amazing spot on College with an awesome vibe. Their nachos are delicious and full of flavour! The staff are also super friendly.

11. Thompson Diner // 550 Wellington St W. 

The Thompson Diner is open 24/7, which means you can get the nachos any time of day! They also offer the option of pulled pork or chicken.

Photo cred -@goldsnake28

12. The Drake Hotel // 1150 Queen St W.

If you're a seafood lover, these are your new favourite nachos. These lobster nachos are topped with mornay, guac, cilantro and pickled jalapeños! YUM!

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