12 Best Toronto Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

Eating through the 6ix sans woes.
12 Best Toronto Food Instagram Accounts To Follow

The only thing that Torontonians like more than eating food (brunch season is every season), is taking pictures of it. Whether it's a beautifully decadent cone from Sweet Jesus, to that classic Instagram of you with 5 tacos, we all do it and we all love it. But in a city that gives so much, it's hard to find the best spots sometimes (rough problems eh?). With all our options in Toronto, from the absurd to the refined, these are food accounts you need to follow to cover them all.

1. @top_toronto_restauraunts 

Sweet or savoury, chicken or carbs; they cover it all with mouthwatering eats around the best restaurants in Toronto.

2. @thatdopefood 

The name pretty much speaks for itself; it's a dope account. Food loving couple Katie and Aiden started this account recently and it's already gotten major attention from the foodies of the 6ix, hop on board the (food) love train and give them a follow.

3. @phone.eats.first 

Honestly I would follow this one for the accurately titled account alone, the high quality photos don't hurt either though.

4. @hangry_foodies 

Hungry + angry = hangry. We all get a little b*tchy when we're hungry (sorry to all the waiters that've gotten the hangry "where's my food glare"). This account will show you the best places to go to turn the scowl into a smile.

5. @kylazanardi 

If she could photograph my face and make it look as good as the food she eats, little to say I'd be married by now. Enough said.

6. @littlemirandapiggy 

Sugar, spice and A LOT of things nice are making this account a must follow for the summer.

7. @himalayanjavahouse 

The only problem with this midtown must visit is the trouble you'll have drinking the beautiful creations. A definite follow for anyone who thought a leaf was cool on lattes.

8. @foodtrucksto 

Go beyond the classic Ice Cream trucks this summer, and follow this account to catch the best food driving through the 6ix.

9. @styledemocracyfood 

If loving yourself enough to eat at these places is wrong I DON'T WANT TO BE RIGHT. This account knows how and where to eat and we're right behind them. One for all and all for one right?

10. @foodiethruthe6 

Featuring the sweet and savoury, dessert loving to breakfast munching we never get bored of this must follow account.

11. @julesjlceats

Get up close and personal with these deliciously intimate photos of this foodie's adventures through the 6ix.

12. @torontoeaters 

Simplicity at it's best; a cultivation of some of the best things to ever be put on a plate (even if only for a couple seconds).

Happy munching!