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12 Breathtaking Canadian Islands You Must Visit At Least Once

Island hopping in the Great White North.

Canada may not have tropical hotspots, but it does have a few islands that are just as beautiful and still worth visiting.

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From rainforest regions to  tundra landscapes, Canada's island diversity is extensive. Here are 12 breathtaking Canadian islands you must visit at least once:

Sable Island

Nova Scotia

Sable Island is one of Canada's furthest offshore islands. It is known for its iconic crescent shape, wild horses, freshwater ponds beautiful plains.

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Cape Breton Island

Nova Scotia

Cape Breton Island has some of the best views in Nova Scotia. From its beautiful, natural landscape to its rich Celtic, Acadian and Aboriginal heritage, there's lots to explore on this island.

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Fogo Island

Newfoundland and Labrador

Fogo Island is located on the northeast coast of Newfoundland, situated along the infamous Iceberg Alley. The island's subarctic landscape creates a special environment for all sorts of interesting wildlife, including caribou, foxes, beavers and wildflowers.

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Vancouver Island

British Columbia

Vancouver Island has one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Rainforests, marshes, meadows and beaches combined with rivers, lakes and the Pacific make it a prime spot for exploring.

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Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is something out of a storybook. The home of Canada's favourite heroine Anne of Green Gables, the island is rich with rose-tinted beaches and gently rolling greens.

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Manitoulin Island


Manitoulin Island is a stress-free paradise filled with beautiful rivers, lakes and waterfalls. Visitors will enjoy scenic hiking trails, water activities and exciting community events within the town.

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Queen Charlotte Islands

British Columbia

Queen Charlotte Islands, or Haida Gwaii, is a place of wonder and serenity. The collection of 150 islands includes Graham Island and Moresby Island, which consist of vibrant communities and breathtaking scenery.

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Magdalen Islands


The Magdalen Islands is a hub for amazing seafood, wind sports and sea excursions. The beautiful views combined with the old school charm of the town by the shore are definitely worth experiencing.

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Thousand Islands


The Thousand Islands is a great destination for avid sightseers. With cute towns lined up along the St. Lawrence River and several summer cottages available for rent on the islands, the Thousand Islands is brimming with vacation potential.

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Bonaventure Island


Bonaventure Island is located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence just 3.5 kilometres off the coast of the Gaspe Peninsula. It is known particularly for being a meeting ground for all sorts of sea birs, including razor-billed auks, kittiwakes, murres, and Artic puffins.

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Baffin Island


Baffin Island may be a cold place, but it still has a lot to offer to adventurers, from exciting hiking trails in the mountains to a diversity of marine and Arctic creatures for wildlife watching.

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Calvert Island

British Columbia

Calvert Island is a little pocket of tranquility in British Columbia that is relatively off the beaten path. Visitors can enjoy boating, whale watching, angling, scuba diving, hiking, and so much more.

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