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11 Bucket List Foods You Have To Try In Kingston

More than worth the trip.
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11 Bucket List Foods You Have To Try In Kingston

Straight-up, Kingston ispure magic. It's kind of like a town out of a fairy tale: it's got beautiful waterfront views, nice people, fun spots to visit (shoutout to Martello Alley, a cozy alleyway lined with art galleries and cafe nooks), beautiful things to see (seriously, that waterfront is glorious)... I mean, it even has its own symphony.

Literally, Kingston has itall; which is exactly what makes it one of the best places to visit in the summertime. I mean, spending the summer getting away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, hiking through a beautiful national park (with some of the clearest waters in the province), going on a cruise tour, and eating some of the country's best food? Yeah. Sounds like the ultimate summer destination, TBH. 

Not only is it a funplace to visit, but Kingston also happens to have a world-class dining scene. So, guys, prepare to legit never go hungry, and discover your new favourite meal... 

The Flying Pig XL Sandwich // Tir Nan Og Irish Pub

Alright, guys, brace yourselves for the biggest - and best - thing you'll ever put in your mouth.

The Flying Pig XL Sandwich, created by the geniuses at Kingston's Tir Nan Og Irish Pub, features ham, bacon, apple slices, fried cheese, and a whole lot more... and to add to the glory, it's topped off with a row of waffle fries. Yes, you read that right. Topped off. 

Of course, if this isn't your cup of tea, don't worry. Tir Nan Og offers one of the most authentic Irish pub experiences in Kingston, so you can relax and grab a pint in a fun, welcoming atmosphere instead.

Brekkie Bowl // Northside Espresso And Kitchen

Up your breakfast toast (and Instagram)game with this Brekkie Bowl from Northside. Featuring seasonal vegetables, grains, seeds, a poached egg and hazelnut dukkah, it's pretty safe to say that this delicious dish is quite possibly the most Instagrammable breakfast bowl out there. 

Plus, Northside is notorious for offering super fresh and locally sourced dishes. Many of their products are organic, too, so not only will your breakfast taste delicious, but you'll feel like a champ afterwards too!

Boniato Frito // Tango Nuevo

This might be the perfect spot in Kingston for a date, guys; mainly because their unique tapas dishes are probably some of the most impressive offerings in Kingston.

All of their dishes aremade with locally grown, seasonal produce, as well as artisan cheeses and locally produced meats. They top that off with fantastic service and perfect wine pairings, so you know exactly where you need to go to share an awesome meal with a special someone.

Oh, and protip? Absolutely try their Boniato Frito sweet potato fries. With feta, roasted red peppers, Harissa aioli, and avocado cream, these are on their own level of awesome. 

Green Curry Bamboo // Royal Angkor

Ah, Royal Angkor. This Thairestaurant is game-changing, and their use of super fresh ingredients and imported Thai spices totally doesn't go unnoticed.

Let's be honest: any dishyou decide to try from this spot is going to totally hit the spot. They're known for their crisp, flavourful spring rolls - but the real standout has to be their curries, especially their Green Curry Bamboo.

It's made with bamboo shoots and a spicy, creamy green curry sauce, and then topped with fresh basil and coconut milk. It's a super vibrant and flavourful dish; just a little spicy, too, for those of us who like a little challenge.

Seafood Poutine // Dianne's Fish Shack & Smokehouse

Real talk: if you're goingto Dianne's (and if you're in Kingston, trust me, you're going to want to go to Dianne's), then no matter what you choose to get - you're going to be beyond happy.

Dianne's cuisine is a mix of Baja Mexican and East Coast kitchen, which actually works amazingly well.

They've got a whole variety of deliciously fresh fusion dishes, and although their lobster rolls, fish and chips, and chicken tinga tacos are the stuff of legends, their seafood poutine (with shrimp, mussels, squid, cheese curds, golden fries, and yummy sauce) truly takes the cake!

Latke Eggs Benedict // AquaTerra

Because eggs Benedict areamazing, but when you add latkes - especially the crispy, flavorful latkes made at Kingston's AquaTerra - you end up with something in a league of its own.

Plus, bonus points? AquaTerra comes equipped with beautiful views of the Kingston waterfront and has been featured in "Where To Dine In Canada" for more than a decade. It's hotel-adjacent, too, so you know exactly where to go to for a one-stop experience the next time you're visiting Kingston. 

Mojito Sorbetto // Mio Gelato

It's universally known that there's no better way to cool yourself off than munching on a refreshing gelato. And it's also universally known that there's no better gelato spot out that than Kingston's Mio Gelato.

Mio Gelato features artisanal, Italian-inspired, fresh gelato; and their flavours are all on point. Notable examples include Lemon Greek frozen yogurt and Peanut Butter and Jam gelato... but there's nothing more refreshing than their minty, tangy, perfectly flavoured Mojito sorbetto! 

Mensen Farms Roasted Chicken Sandwich // Juniper Cafe

No lie, Juniper Cafe should be one of the first spots you hit when checking out Kingston. And not just because of their awesome coffee and delicious, locally-sourced food - which includes their Mensen Farms roasted chicken sandwich, a morsel of happiness made with chicken, Empire cheddar, tomato jam, pickled onions, Dijon aioli, and more.

This trendy, welcoming cafe also happens to have the only patio in Kingston that offers a 100% unobstructed view of the gorgeous waterfront. So you can go ahead and enjoy a delicious dish while taking in some of the most beautiful views in the province!

Lobster Mac & Cheese // Dox Lounge

Can we talk aboutDox Restaurant & Lounge for just a minute? Because, guys, it's spectacular.

Not only do they serve incredibly fresh and tasty dishes, but the view from their patio is impressive. You can see the gorgeous Kingston waterfront, and the trendy, welcoming vibes make it the perfect spot to grab a drink with friends or hang out before heading back to your hotel room after a great day of enjoying all that Kingston has to offer.

Plus, their lobster mac and cheese is pretty much above and beyond amazing. It's got Capatavi pasta and chunks of fresh lobster, all smothered in a deliciously velvety three-cheese sauce. 

Strawberry-Chocolate Lasagna // Wooden Heads

Chocolate mousse andstrawberries, nestled between layers of pastry and drenched in white and dark chocolate sauces? To be honest, there is nothing else to say about this Wooden Heads chocolate miracle other than: oh. My. God. Yes.

If you don't have a sweet tooth, though, then no worries. This Kingston eatery's still got your back. Wooden Heads is known for their delicious gourmet pizza and super unique menu items (smoked chicken crepes, anyone?).

Plus, their glorious patio and huge cocktail list make it one of the most awesome spots in Kingston to chill with friends over a drink or two (or three).

Curry Chicken Roti // Sally's Roti Shop

Roti lovers, rejoice. Actually, scratch that: food lovers, rejoice.

There's something undeniably amazing about Sally's Roti Shop - sure, they serve up authentic Caribbean dishes for super, super fair prices, but it's deeper than that. The vibe at Sally's is a combination of welcoming, comfortable, and straight-up fun.

Combined with their to-die-for dishes (like this pleasantly spicy, flavourful curry chicken roti), Sally's Roti Shop should absolutely be on your bucket list while staying in Kingston.

Canada 150 Pizza // Atomica

Guys, you seriously have not lived until you've tried a pizza from Atomica.

This Italian eatery knows how to do food, and although all of their dishes - like their fresh charcuterie platter, deep-dish pizzas, and creamy, tasty tiramisu - are homemade with local ingredients, their special pizza for Canada's 150th particularly stands out.

I mean, perfectly crisp dough, blueberry coulis, smoked salmon, arugula... what's not to absolutely love?

At the end of the day, Kingston's got it all. Delicious and unique dishes; fun restaurants; gorgeous views; and spots to unwind and take in life a little bit. It's like Kingston is a town literally made up only of good vibes.

You can check out how to plan your visit to Kingston right here, for an unforgettable summer vacation full of good fun and (lots of) good food! 

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