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12 Crazy Foods You Need To Try At The CNE 2017

It's that time of year again: time to go to the Canadian National Exhibition!

The CNE is a Toronto tradition that has marked the end of summer for decades. So how many years exactly? 138! The Ex is Canada's largest fair, that now sees between 1.4-1.6 million visitors annually.  With 1,085 entertainers, 700 vendors and exhibits, 62 midway rides, and 114 midway games. Phew...that was a lot of stats.  But one other MAJOR reason people go to the CNE, is the wild and delicious food. Every year the food gets more creative, just check out last year's list

So what's on the menu at this year's CNE? Check out our top picks of what you'll find in the infamous food hall: 

1. Pancake Bacon Tacos 

Fluffy buttermilk pancakes stuffed with fried & scrambled eggs, topped with tomato, green pepper, onion, and maple bacon strips. They are then drizzled with chipotle syrup.

2. Sugar Mountain 

Dessert on a dessert on a dessert: Brownie stacked with a scoop of cheesecake, followed by a sugar cone dipped in white chocolate, followed by a confetti doughtnut, followed by cotton candy and finally topped off with powdered sugar... book an appointment with your dentist to fill your cavities before you even try this.

3. Spaghetti Doughnut

There are two options of how you can get this crazy food: sweet or savoury. The sweet is a fried spaghetti ball, tossed with sugar and cinnamon, and then drizzled with chocolate sauce. The savoury is the same fried spaghetti ball, mixed with Italian herbs and parm cheese, topped with tomato sauce.

4. Cheese Stuffed Doritos

Farm to Fryer is also bringing deep fried marble cheddar covered in a Dorito mozza sticks but way, way better.

5. Colossal Coliseum 

This is a sandwich made of breaded veal and pulled pork panzerotti on a Kaiser bun with sweet BBQ sauce, creamy coleslaw, and jalepenos. But that's not all: this meal also comes with dessert, two-deep fried brownies on top!

6. Double-stack attack 

Why have one sandwich when you can have two? This double decker sandwich is a double stacked philly cheeseteak with provolone, doritos and cheese whiz from Philthy Philly's.

7. Fried Mac And Curd Chimichanga

From 'Farm To Fryer', we're getting this cheesy goodness at this years CNE which is macaroni and cheese curds stuffed into a burrito shell that is then deep-fried.

8. Canadian Bacon Pickle Balls 

Who doesn't love pickles? Now deep fry them and put a hot dog in the middle. Bam! You can find that at the Ex.

9.  Carbone Dough

Pizza Nova has hopped on the charcoal trend with their charcoal pizza. It taste like regular pizza, just lighter and airier.

10. The Juicy Oink

If you love pork, you'll love this. This delicious treat has pork done 5 ways in one bun. Slow roasted 5-spice pork belly, slow roasted pulled pork shoulder, sweet longanisa sausage, crispy pork skin, and Shanghai pork soupy dumpling are all found in this bun, that is then topped with Okonomiyaki sauce. Find it at Hot Bunzz Street Cuizine inside the Food Emporium.

11. Southern Slang 

From the famous Fran's Restaurant, we get this sweet and savoury creation of buttermilk chicken on a cinnamon sweet bun, topped with house-made slaw, and dressed in a chocolate Sriracha sauce.

12.  Starberry Shortsteak 

This cheesesteak is covered in provolone cheese and then topped with a strawberry sauce and icing sugar, all between a sweet doughnut bun. You can also find this at Philthy Philly's.

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