Russians are known to be very superstitious. From a young age Russian families brainwash their kids to watch out for various signs of danger -  which unfortunately grow into a habit. Most of these superstitions for some reason are always things you shouldn't do in the house...

If you plan on marrying a Russian, please memorize these superstitions for your own good. God forbid you laugh one off - trust me you'll regret it for a long time.

Dear Russians, let's recite these 12 commandments: 

1.  Spilt salt? Spit over the shoulder.

You're sitting at dinner and knocked over the salt by accident? Immediately throw some of the salt over your left shoulder. Think its a joke? You won't be laughing once an argument amongst the family erupts under the roof.

2. Get your keys, empty bottles and change off the table.

If you want to avoid being broke for the rest of your life, please do not put these items on the table. Many Russian superstitions may curse your bank account. I mean it's totally up to you but I don't want my $$$ to go **poof** in the air.

3. The threshold is the gateway to hell.

According to Russian myths, demons live in the threshold (the wooden divider of your door) Grabbing a letter from the mailman? You better step outside of the house or tell him to come in. There can be absolutely no conversation or exchange of items. Happens by accident? Step one foot out the door.

4. Left something behind? Look in the mirror.

If it is absolutely necessary for you to come back home because you forgot something, make sure you look directly into a mirror on your way out. Look directly into your own eyes or else...You'll be cursed. Perfect! Another opportunity to check if your makeup is on point.

5. If you want to get married- don't sit on the corner of a table.

This superstition applies to women. Back in the day, only elderly women sat on the corners of a table. If you plan on walking down the aisle ladies - do not sit on the corner!!!

6. Keep the trash overnight.

If your garbage smells bad, put a fabric freshener inside. Taking out the trash before bedtime may bring arguments into the household.

7. Take a seat before the journey.

Before you leave the house for any long journey, make sure to take a seat. Lift your legs in the air and think positive. Oh, I forgot to mention everyone who is present in the household at the time must sit down. Some say for the person traveling, it's good to sit on the suitcase.

8. F*cked up? Spit and knock on wood.

"Hopefully I don't lose my job" - spit over the left shoulder three times and knock on wood. If you accidentally said something and you want to make sure that doesn't happen, follow this commandment.

9. Don't whistle inside the house.

This is another superstition that has to do with money. Never whistle inside a household, you're whistling all the money away!

10. Don't sew on yourself.

If your dress ripped as you're about leave the house, do not sew it back together with it on. You'll "sew your memory" and will forget everything all the time.

11. Breaking the dishes.

Dropped a plate by accident? Throw it out immediately.

12. Watches, knives, soap and scarfs are a big no-no for gifts.

Watches will lead to a break up, scarves will bring tears, soap will wash away your friendship and a knife is a symbol of enemies. If you happen to get one of these items as a gift, make sure you give the person some money (don't worry doesn't have to be a lot.)

There are good superstitions too... The spider crawling around your house will fill your bank account. If you're underneath the bridge of a passing train make sure to make a wish. It will come true!!!