With the Leafs season in full swing, you and your partner are probably scouring through StubHub looking for a decent deal on tickets if you are both sports fanatics. Unfortunately, if you are a Leafs fan, it doesn't take long to realize that going to a game means bucking up a pretty large amount of cash to even sit in the nosebleeds to catch a game. 

If you still want a sports-oriented experience but have accepted that maybe it's just not happening in the ACC while you are watching the boys in blue, don't fret! These date spots are the perfect places to watch the game while grabbing some great food and drinks, or are other very underrated sports offered in Toronto for you and your sporty partner to watch! 

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Kelly's Landing // 123 Front St W 

The newest addition to the 'Landing' family has made a big splash in the city already and for good reason. The spot is practically oriented around sports with the amount of TVs they've got tuned in to every and any sporting event. Match a night out here with one of their signature caesars and you'll quickly realize your first visit definitely won't be your last!

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The Anne Boleyn // 117 Peter St 

The Anne Boleyn mixes traditional English pub staples with some modern touches to make the spot a perfect place to visit again and again (and again). Not only is the atmosphere warm and welcoming but the food and drinks make for the perfect pair while you watch the Leafs lose.

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The Broadview Hotel // 106 Broadview Ave 

Now while this spot doesn't have a ton to do with sports, it does make for a great spot to grab a bite to eat before you and your partner head to a game. From the delicious eats to the homey atmosphere paired with eccentric flare that practically screams to be featured on your Instagram feed, you and your bae will LOVE this new spot!

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Sports Bars

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Real Sports // 15 York St 

Of course, Real Sports is on this list! This spot has got to be the ultimate place to catch any and every sports event across the globe. The massive, and I mean massive TV, as well as the dozens of other mini televisions stationed throughout the venue, make it impossible to miss anything.

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Dog & Bear // 1100 Queen St W

This pub has the perfect balance of aesthetic as well as everything you know and love from a typical sports bar. The numerous TV screens throughout the spot make it so you won't miss any of the action while you get to enjoy the delicious food and drinks and very Instagrammable setting (if I do say so myself).

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Wayne Gretzky's // 99 Blue Jays Way 

Of course, the great one's own restaurant is going to be a great spot to go to! Not only does Gretzky's offer great food and drinks as well as tons of TVs so you can get a perfect view of the game, but in the warmer months the patio is open and a great spot to enjoy!

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The Ballroom Bowl // 145 John St 

Bowling and sports?! Sign me up! This is great if you and your partner love hockey, but also just as great if your partner or someone who's tagging along with your group doesn't enjoy sports as much as the rest of the crowd! Mix in a few rounds of bowling with great food, drinks, company and a game to watch and you've got yourself the perfect night out!

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The Contender // 1166 Dundas West 

The Contender serves up a classic old school sports bar experience with no frills attached. The menu consists of gameday staples like hot dogs and nachos as well as pretzels and footlongs! Plus you won't have to worry about missing a single play considering the amount of screens inside.

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Other Sports Events

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Even though the Raptors have had a significantly better track record as of the last few seasons, tickets are considerably cheaper for their home games! So if you are looking to catch a sports game at the ACC, the Raptors is definitely a great idea considering you get a great experience for a lot cheaper, it's just a different sport!

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The Marlies 

If you are dead set on taking in a hockey game, look no further than the Marlies! They perform at Ricoh which (in my personal opinion) is a lot cooler of an arena considering the heritage architecture. Tickets are dirt cheap and they offer great packages for if you want to attend with a big group!

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Toronto Rock 

Another alternative to a hockey game is lacrosse! The Toronto Rock play at the Air Canada Centre just like the Raptors and Leafs, and while their season starts a little later, the game is always a ton of fun to watch!

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Mississauga Steelhead Game 

If you are looking for a cheap night out but want to impress your sporty partner, consider taking them to a Steelhead game! Since Toronto doesn't have an OHL team of their own, you can take them to the next best thing in Mississauga to watch the rising stars of hockey play it out before they get big!