You deserve nothing but the best - not only is that a Jesse McCartney lyric (shoutout my boy) but a true AF statement you should apply to your life, always. When there are a million amazing restaurants to choose from in the city, why slum it with a place serving mediocre meals? 

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You can have it all - is a one hit wonder by JDRN, and also a straight-up fact that you should be well aware of. These are a dozen, delicious places in Toronto that will serve you up some perfect plates of food from all over the world. 

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1. La Banane // 227 Ossington Ave. 

Made famous for their dessert egg La Banane has a ton of other culinary tricks up their sleeves, like decadent seafood dishes and fancey af pate.

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2. Lake Inez // 1741 Gerrard Street E. 

This Little India spot is packed with flavour featuring dishes inspired from across the globe. The asian dishes and cocktails are sure to make you salivate, just like we are, right now, looking at this photo.

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3. STK // 153 Yorkville Ave. 

The perfect place to get all your favourite, decadent foods while looking, feeling and spending a million bucks. STK is not for the shallow pocketed but it is for those with eyes - and wallets - bigger than their stomaches.

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4. Awai // 2277 Bloor W. 

Who said vegan food had to be stripped down salads? This delicious restaurant is sweeping up the vegan market in Bloor West. Awai believes in no-tip dining, which is strange yet easy way to save a few $$$ on a great meal.

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5. Baro Toronto // 485 King St. W.

Baro has been mixing up both beautiful to delicious Latin food for the city! Modern, fun and funky, Baro offers some amazing cocktails and dope events to dance and drink away at!

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6. Planta // 1221 Bay St.

Eating ethically is sooOooOooo hot right now. Just ask the owners of Planta. This vegan spot is easily becoming one of the hottest spots in the city with crowd pleasers like their coconut ceviche and habibi salad.

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7. PIANO PIANO // 88 Harbord St.

Have you ever been sexually attracted to a plate of pasta?? No?? Just us?? Piano Piano's Italian food is straight up erotic. Yes, you've had pasta before. But have you ever had pasta this fire? Hmu.

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8. Oretta // 633 King St. W.

Why are we crying at our desks right now? Maybe it's because we're not at Oretta. This gorgeous Italian resto has decor that will take you to a dreamy 1960's while feeding you food straight from Nonna's kitchen. Mangia, bello.

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9. Otto's Bierhalle // 1087 Queen St. W. 

In the iconic words of Paris Hilton, "That's hot." Otto's really has us questioning whether or not to run over to the bierhalle right now. They kill brunch and clearly slay the sausage and fry game. Feeling a lot of things right now.

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10. Grey Gardens // 199 Augusta Ave. 

Yes, those are potato chips. No, we're not crying. Ok, maybe a little bit. This wine bar boasts tons of local brews and ciders for you to choose from for some delicious drinks and snacks.

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11. Adamson Barbecue // 176 Wickstead Ave. 

This Leaside spot is a veghead free zone, sorry pals. Adamson BBQ does not hold back on pulled, grilled, smoked and fried everything.

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12. Maple Leaf Tavern // 955 Gerrard St E

This Canadiana spot has all of your favourites. Classic roast chicken, cripsy fries, and fresh caught cod. Can't fk with the classics.