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12 Epic Hikes To Take In Ontario For Beginners, Enthusiasts And Experts

Ontario truly has some beautiful sights to see. Our province is pretty sick, and what better way to enjoy it than by hiking on some of the coolest trails.

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Hiking can sometimes be daunting. It's really hot, super tiring and there's always that point in the hike where you can't actually tell if your legs are still there.

Whether you're a beginner, enthusiast or an expert, we've compiled a list of some of Ontario's coolest trails for your perusing. Happy trails!

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Cyprus Lake Trail

This beautiful trail located in the Bruce Peninsula has views of the incredible aquamarine waters, and is short but sweet! This short hike is perfect for beginners. 

Distance: 5km 

Niagara River Recreation Trail

This long trail is perfect for exploring, and is located right by the Niagara River from Historic Fort Erie in the south to Fort George. Educational and fun!

Distance: 56km

Ajax Waterfront Trail

This safe trail follows the beauty of Lake Ontario, this beautiful trail has lots of amenities along the way and is the perfect trail to check out if you don't want something super extreme. 

Distance: 6km

Elora Gorge Trail

This beautiful trail ends with a magical waterfall that will seriously blow your mind. Don't miss out on this incredible hike!

Distance: 10km

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Barron Canyon Trail 

This short trail peaks at the Barron Canyon, an incredible lookout that is seriously pretty high up. If you love hiking, nature and a good view, this is the trail for you. 

Distance: 1.5km (loop)

Hemlock Bluff Trail 

This small trail has an amazing end point of the small Jack Lake. This impressive view will fulfill your nature cravings!

Distance: 3.5km

Rattlesnake Point

This amazing trail has killer views, and is perfect for you and all your hiking friends! The Nassagaweya Trail is your connection to Crawford Lake Conservation Area. It's a 7.2 km journey, are you feeling up to it?

Distance: 12.7km


This trail has a lot of variety, with biking and hiking trails you can explore this long trail however you please!

Distance: 16km

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Kag Trail

This shorter trail has beautiful trees and greenery that will literally bring you close to nature. There are many steep hills, as this trail is deep in the forest. Recommended for experienced hikers. 

Distance: 2.5km

Ganaraska Trail

This epic hike is insanely long, and not for the faint of heart. Spend a weekend at this trail and participate in their scheduled activities. 

Distance: 500km

Pukaskwa National Park Trail 

This difficult trail on Lake Superior will put your hiking skills to the test, you'll be faced with all the elements of nature. Make sure to pack light, and take in the scenery!

Distance: 15.7km

Kabeyun Trail 

Explore the Thunder Bay Lookout then travel across the Lake Superior coast past Clavet Point and Hoorigan Point to Sawyer Bay. This trail will keep you moving, and keep your eyes peeled for the beauty!

Distance: 40km

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