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12 Essential Things You Must Do In Toronto If You're Coming For A Day, Weekend Or Week

Welcome to Toronto! The best city in Canada. (Sorry Ottawa, Drake > Trudeau). There are tons of things to do in the city. We have the best bars, outdoor activities and restaurants. How will you decide what to do?

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It can be hard to do everything you want in a short trip. For your convenience, here's a list of the coolest things to do based on how long you'll be in the city for! Explore away!

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Week Long Trip

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Go On A Sightseeing Tour 

This is the fastest way to see Toronto in a day. This tour stops at some of the most amazing spots in the city, and will give you a taste of Toronto fast. 

Spend the day at Trinity Bellwoods park!

Trinity is a good place to get a feel of the people of the city. If you want to know who or what roams the city, this park is a pretty great place to find out. 

Visit Toronto's best ice cream shops.

What better way to spend a day than with your BFF trying all the best ice cream our city has to offer. How many can you get through in a day?

Grab dinner at Seven Lives // 69 Kensington Ave

You have to check out seven lives. This amazing restaurant is said to have the best tacos in the city, and they're seriously amazing. Not a taco fan? check out these other Toronto restaurants that are totally worth the hype.

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Weekend Adventure

Check out the St Lawrence and Kensington Markets.

Toronto isn't all hustle and bustle, and if you've got a weekend worth of activities to spare, you have to check out these awesome markets. They're the perfect place to shop local, and find cheap eats. 

Check out the incredible collection at the AGO. 

Toronto although a party city, is also full of culture. Check out the incredible facility and art at Ontario's premier art museum.

Go dancing at some of Toronto's amazing dance clubs.

If you're here for the weekend, you definitely need to take advantage of some of Toronto's night life. Toronto knows how to get down, and you have to check out the amazing places to sweat all your weekly troubles away. 

Take photos at some of Toronto's main attractions.

You have to document your trip somehow! There are some pretty key places to capture the best Toronto photos. Check out this list and see how many places you can hit!

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Week Long Trip

Have a wet and wild day by the water!

If you're here for the summer, you should definitely check out the amazing places the city has like beaches, pools and waterparks. Don't miss out!

Check out Toronto's secret amazing places.

If you're here for the week, I'm sure you'll spend one day hitting all the major landmarks: CN Tower, Ripley's, etc. But Toronto also has tons of secret places. If you have the time, you MUST check them out. 

Try all these burgers you can ONLY get in Toronto.

Toronto has a lot of unique restaurants and fast food joints. Some you can only find in the city! Don't miss out and make sure you try all of them cause you're going to miss it when you're gone. Trust me. 

Watch the sunset at Riverdale Park.

What better way to end the week than to watch the sunset over the incredible sky line. Come again soon!

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