There is no easier way to piss off a Torontonian then by claiming to be from Toronto when in reality you live in the outskirts of the GTA. It’s slightly understandable to introduce yourself as a city native while you’re traveling (since obviously no one outside of Ontario knows that your hometown city exists) but to say you’re a local to anyone actually from Toronto is laughable. So quit it.

If you’re from any of the cities on this list you’re not actually from Toronto, but hopefully you can find a claim-to-fame below that will make you proud enough to introduce your actual city by name.

Cities of the Greater Toronto Area (that are not actually Toronto):

Photo by Alex Mowatt

1. Milton

Unlike the bustling city of Toronto, Milton has an abundance of open space and scenic landscapes. You can enjoy a nice long walk along a conservation trail while you imagine what the real people of Toronto are doing for leisure.

Photo by Mackenzie Connor

2. Oakville

If you’re from Oakville you’re likely to be in line to a large inheritance. Soon enough you will be able to buy a condo of your very own in the heart of downtown Toronto! But until then, please refrain from captioning your Lakeshore sunset snaps with "views from the 6".

Photo by mlleblondeh

3. Mississauga

Your city’s claim to fame comes in the form of PartyNextDoor, the Marilyn Monroe buildings, and having the longest running mayor in Canadian history; Hazel McCallion. McCallion was a cool mayor, but not crack-cocaine smoking cool.

Not Toronto cool.

Photo by Bluntiq

4. Brampton

Congratulations, Brampton, you’ve put two players on NBA rosters this year!

(Neither of them play for the Toronto Raptors, though.)

Photo by Ainsley Toth

5. Vaughan

You definitely know someone who knows someone who could get you a discounted summer pass to Canada’s Wonderland. How many Torontonians can say that?

Photo by wateripples

6. Markham

Home to a long list of athletes who went on to play in the NHL, and probably a longer list of residents who gave up on Markham and finally made the move to Toronto.

Photo by Bryan Evans

7. Pickering

If people drive too far east in Toronto, they wind up in your city.

Talk about celebrity sightings, am I right?

8. Ajax

Pickering. Ajax’s claim to fame is being the city beside Pickering.

Most definitely still not Toronto.

Photo cred - my_baby_blue

9. Uxbridge

Your region gets the most snow days in the GTA.

Too bad there isn’t much to do in Uxbridge on your days off.

10. Aurora

Canada’s late Prime Minister Lester B. Pearson was born in Aurora, and now has the Toronto Pearson International airport named after him!

Unfortunately the airport is located in Mississauga, which –much like Aurora- is still not actually Toronto.

11. Stouffville

Not much going on here, but there is a GO train line leading to and from Toronto that is named after your far away city!

Photo cred - RealityTVgifs

12. Burlington

You’ve got a lot going for your city. Burlington has a beautiful boardwalk and a handful of some great gluten-free/vegan bakeries, which are a clear sign of wealthy, health-conscious citizens who are up to date with Toronto diet trends.