What's better than summer days splashing around the pool? Obviously summer nights. Warm nights with the person you love, under the city lights, lost in each other's eyes? It's seriously something out of a movie. 

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Summers can get busy. Work all day, go to bed early to wake up for work, repeat. Sometimes the only date we can squeeze in is late at night. If most of your dates have changed from 7pm to 10pm, we've got you covered.

Here's a list of 12 bomb late night date activities for you and your boyfriend. 

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1. Catch a midnight showing at the Docks Drive-In.

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2. Sing love songs to each other at Bar + Karaoke Lounge. 

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3. Stare at the stars on the rooftop lounge, Lavelle.

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4. Play vintage arcade games at Get Well. (Open till 2am)!

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5. Grab a late dinner early breakfast at Lakeview Restaurant. 

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6. Have an insane late night Chinese feast at Canton Chilli.

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7. Take a walk along the Harbourfront late at night. 

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8. Start late and go on a patio crawl under the stars.

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9. Get competitive at North Beach Indoor Volleyball, open till 2am!

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10. Sit on the hill at Riverdale Park and check out the glowing Toronto skyline. 

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11. Plan a sleepover at Ripley's Aquarium!

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12.  Chill out and check out the skyline on top of the Kensington parking garage.