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12 Magical Places In Toronto To Go On A Date During The Holidays

The most romantic...and instaworthy time of the year!
12 Magical Places In Toronto To Go On A Date During The Holidays

Oh, December. How you are filled with so much light, cheeriness, SHOPPING, and romance. If you ask me, the holiday season is the perfect opportunity to test out new restaurants, visit new places you'd never thought of visiting before and treat your special someone to a new and exciting adventure

As all Torontonians know, this city truly never does sleep. There is always something happening and during the holiday season, I feel like that is amplified by 100.

With that in mind, I narrowed down the top 12 most magical places you need to explore with your date this month (I've already shared this list with my boyfriend):

Aurora Winter Festival

I always wondered what was happening to Ontario Place...well, now I know! This holiday season make sure you take your boo to Canada's LARGEST Winter Festival, Aurora! It has a beautiful light display to capture that perfect snap, a skating rink because romance is key, and a tube park because some friendly competition is healthy in any relationship.

Skating at Nathan Phillips Square

I did this last weekend with my boyfriend and let me just say it was not only romantic but also hilarious since I hadn't gone skating in about a decade. It's a great place to go and skate around, then after check out one of the local restaurants nearby for a cute nightcap. My recommendation? Drake One Fifty

Live Your Best Life At This Chocolate Bar

If you or your significant other happen to be a fan of chocolate then look no further than Cacao 70. This eatery serves some of the most ICONIC and scrumptious chocolate dishes I have ever laid my eyes on. From hot chocolate served in a freaking goblet to 12" triple chocolate you're about to be the best boyfriend or girlfriend someone could ever ask for. 

Visit The Keg's Stunning Winter Patio for Drinks

For me, the holiday dates are all about two things: heated patios and fancy cocktails. The Keg on King West has one of the best patios to visit during the winter, not to mention their winter cocktails sound amazing as well. Also, let's be real. The Keg? You're already winning your date over when it comes to romance.  

Escape To a Spa In The Snow

I have been to the Scandinave Spa before (the Whistler location) and it is absolutely life-changing. Even though this one is a short drive outside of the city, I wanted to include it because I know that the holidays can be a stressful time and there's no better place to reignite that romance flame than with a trip to the spa. 

Enjoy A Cosy Rooftop Dinner

Is it evident that I like food and rooftops yet? This holiday season take your date to the Thompson Hotel roof for a stunning view of the holiday lights, yummy drinks, and good food! This lounge has a 360-degree view of the city and Lake Ontario, plus there's live entertainment every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!

Catch a film at TIFF

There is nothing cuter than catching a flick with your significant other at TIFF and with tons of films being released right now, there's no better time. Also, the location of the Bell Lightbox leaves you with lots of places to eat and drink before and/or after. You can check out the films here!

Explore Your Creative Side by Checking Out This FREE Art Gallery

Impress your date with a trip to Power Plant Art Gallery (100% free)! There is a new installation that has been released to the public, Karla Black, that people have been loving, so make you check it out!

Visit a Pet Cafe with Your Dog and Your Boo

99% of us are looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend that loves animals. Let's be real, it's a dealbreaker. With that in mind, take your date to Tom & Sawyer Pet Cafe! They serve delicious lattes (for humans) and freshly baked muffins (for dogs)! It's a great place to eat something yummy, do something unique with your date, and let your pet socialize with other animals! Hey, maybe they'll even land a date. 

Take the Perfect Selfie in Toronto's New Glitter Tunnel

Literally saw this the other day for the first time and I am SO excited to visit. This new installation is open to the public at the intersection of Yonge and St. Clair and features over 14 MILLION SEQUINS. If you're looking to catch an adorable photo of you and your boo, this may just be the place.

Toronto Christmas Market

If there's one thing every couple should be doing this holiday season it's checking out the Toronto Christmas Market. I went last weekend and I was blown away by all of the amazing local vendors, the beautiful Christmas lights, and the SHOPPING. I was able to snag so many great gifts for the special people in my life, plus it makes the perfect place to go on a date. 

Eat Tapas and Try New Wine

The holiday season is the perfect time of year to try out new foods and wine. There's no better place to do that with a date than at a tapas bar! Why? Because EVERYTHING is shared. Carmen offers a variety of different Spanish tapas and they can be paired perfectly with drinks on the menu. This is a great way to learn more about your dates interests (and palette) this holiday season. 

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