Toronto is a massive city with a ton to offer, and even with the crazy selection there are places that are bound to get overhyped within the city. Don't get me wrong though, overrated doesn't necessarily mean bad, it just means it's crazy popular and that there are other spots you can check out if they are way too rammed! So check out what spots are overrated and where you should go instead!


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The CN Tower

Dinner at the CN Tower sounds great in theory, I mean you are in the highest building in the city! Though if you actually want to see the skyline, you aren't going to, instead you're a part of it!


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The Chase // 10 Temperance St

While this spot's food definitely isn't underrated, hosting some of the best seafood in the city, the patio's view definitely is! If you want a luxe dining experience with some of the best sea food in the city and a great view of the skyline where you can even see the CN Tower!

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Nathan Phillips Square

The 'Toronto' sign has become pretty iconic, but Nathan Phillips Square definitely isn't a spot you want to spend the day. With the crazy crowds and insane traffic it definitely isn't the best spot to relax and people watch in the city.


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Berczy Park

If you want a more low key spot that still has a decent amount of people to keep it interesting, check out Berczy Park! Not only is their new dog fountain adorable but the park is in the perfect spot, right by St Lawrence Market and surrounded by cool buildings and food spots!

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Scarborough Bluffs

The Scarborough Bluffs have gotten wildly popular over the past couple years and a lot of it has got to do with getting that signature Instagram picture everyone gets looking over Lake Ontario. Though, with the amount of landslides and crowds that have been flocking, the experience just isn't the same as it used to be!

Cheltenham Badlands

If you are looking for a more unique adventure, check out the Cheltenham Badlands. While the spot is still closed until further notice, the spot has a killer view!

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Graffiti Alley

While Graffiti Alley is seriously amazing, it can get pretty crowded with people trying to get an #OOTD post. Plus Instagram is just about flooded with just about any and every angle you can get there!


Exploring the street for murals

If you want to change it up and get some different kinds of graffiti or wall murals on your Instagram, make a day out of it and check out this list for all the coolest ones in the city!

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Listen, I get it, the spot is easy and reliable but let's be real there are only so many combinations before you get pretty tired of paying $5 for a drink every morning! Plus the Instagram photos featuring a Starbucks cup are so 2013.


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This list of the best coffee shops by neighbourhood

As a Torotonian you get to enjoy the luxury that is living in a big city with a crazy amount of coffee shops. The best part is that each has something different to offer. Whether it's the best coffee to satisfy your caffeine craving or an amazing ambience, you are sure to find a spot that caters to your wildest coffee dreams!

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Eaton Centre

There is a lot going on at Eaton Centre. The crazy crowds make it nearly impossible to navigate the mall without running someone over or getting run over!

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Queen Street

Queen Street has it all. From bigger name brand stores to stand alones where you can get pieces that will make you stand out in the crowd! Plus you get to shop outside and enjoy the city and warm weather while it lasts!