When in doubt they'll pull you out. Now and then it is possible to bypass a legal issue without hiring a lawyer but don't forget there is a well known saying, when you stand for yourself you might have a "fool for a client."

 It's ok to cause a little bit of trouble but sometimes things can go overboard and that is when we become desperate for a lawyer. Why not hire a hot lawyer you can admire and fantasize about???

We enjoy saluting good looking people in Toronto and we think you enjoy reading about them too. Last week 10 Of Toronto's Sexiest Doctors was a huge hit so this week we decided to acknowledge 12 Of Toronto's Hottest Lawyers.

1. Rory Dyck // Corporate Lawyer

2. Paul Mazzeo // Divorce + Family Lawyer

3. Mark Hogan //  Criminal + Corporate Lawyer

4.Eric Neubauer // Criminal Lawyer

5. Neil Said // Corporate Lawyer

Photo cred - Osler

6. Ryan Nielsen // Corporate Lawyer

7. Robb Macdonald // Criminal Lawyer

8. Daniel Brown // Criminal Lawyer

9. Tyler MacDonald // Criminal Lawyer

10. Gabriel C.Brutto // Corporate Lawyer

Photo cred - LinkedIn

11. Kevin Mailloux // Corporate Lawyer

12. Eric Barapp // Personal Injury Lawyer

Who will you call to the rescue?