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12 Part-Time Jobs You Can Apply For To Make Extra Money In Toronto

Now that the post-Christmas gloom has set in, it might be time to start dealing with your holiday debt. Maybe you went overboard on expensive gifts for loved ones or decided to treat yourself over the holidays, but either way, January can be a particularly brutal month for students looking keep their expenses under control. Lucky for you, there are a number of companies in Toronto who are hiring part-time workers this semester.

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If you're a student looking to make some extra cash or are simply looking for a side hustle, here are some part time jobs to apply for right now. Whether you're an animal lover or a fashion fanatic, there's definitely a position out there for you.

1. Cashier // Shoppers Drug Mart

A part time cashier at Shoppers Drug Mart is in charge of maintaining the customer service and checkout area. Shoppers advertises flexible scheduling which is definitely ideal for students trying to juggle their classes with a part time job.

Apply here.

2. Evening Receptionist // Whitten & Lublin

Whitten & Lublin is a boutique employment law firm in the Queen West area that is looking for a part time evening receptionist. The job runs from Monday-Thursday from 5:30-8:30PM, meaning that you can head straight there after a day of classes but still have your weekends free.

Apple here.

3. Pharmacy Assistant // Loblaw's

Loblaw's is looking for a pharmacy assistant with no previous experience required. The position will involve scanning products, providing customer service, maintaining product displays, and more.

Apply here.

4. Customer Service Rep // Abrams Towing

This position is great for students looking for some extra cash who don't mind missing out on some weekends. Abrams Towing is looking for customer service reps to answer phone calls from 9AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday every other weekend.

Apply here.

5. Team Member // Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons is hiring team members for a number of their locations. They are flexible when it comes to availability, and are accepting for both full and part time positions.

Apply here.

6. Apparel Clerk // Joe Fresh

If you want to fund your fashion addiction, consider applying to be an apparel clerk at Joe Fresh. The minimum availability for this position is 7AM-11PM Saturday and Sunday.

Apply here.

7. Overnight Merchandiser // Shoppers Drugmart

Night owls should apply to the position of overnight merchandiser at Shoppers. A merchandiser organizes products in the backroom and maintains store displays, among other tasks.

Apply here.

8. Various Positions // William's Landing

William's Landing is hiring a variety of front of house positions, including servers, bartenders, hosts, and more. The restaurant is located in Liberty Village.

Apply here.

9. Community Associate // Regus

Regus is a office space company that is changing the way that people work. The Toronto branch is looking for part time community associates to assist with the guest experience at the Regus locations across the city.

Apply here.

10. Swim Supervisor // Scarborough Swim Club

If you're NLS certified, the Scarborough Swim Club is hiring part time swim supervisors. The supervisors help to ensure that lessons run smoothly and are in charge of managing the club's swim instructors.

Apply here.

11. Snow Shoveler // GLD Maintenance

If you're looking to make some extra cash with a lower commitment level, consider applying to be a snow shoveler with GLD Maintenance. The job involves assisting with shovelling during moderate to large snowfalls.

Apply here.

12. Cashier // Pet Smart

If you're an animal lover, we just found your dream job. A cashier at Pet Smart plays an integral role in the "Pet Parent" initiative while assisting customers and answering phones. And maybe if you're lucky, you can play with the bunnies on your break!

Apply here.

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