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12 Places In Toronto To Give You Major Europe Vibes

Eur-going to want to check these out.
12 Places In Toronto To Give You Major Europe Vibes

Nothing is more dreamy or amazing than Europe in the summer - but let’s face it, not all of us can afford those hundred or even thousand dollar flights.

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Luckily, there are a bunch of places right here in the 416 to give you that same European feel. Let’s skip customs and get right into it.

Photo cred - @mydearbeers

1. Bellwoods Brewery // 124 Ossington // France

Bellwoods aesthetic is reason enough to check out this gorgeous patio, but it’s chic all white finish is super Parisian. Clean, simple, elegant - just add beer.

Photo cred - @amascriver

2. Wish Restaurant // 3 Charles Street // Monaco

Wish-ing we were somewhere further away, but this restaurant does the job. The fresh bright colours in Wish will make you feel like you’re tucked away in a beach town near Monaco instead of somewhere along Charles.

Photo cred - @betouleishungry

3. The Wickson Social // 5 St. Joseph Street // Switzerland

Maybe it’s the old school architecture or the wacky wall art that has us feeling some typa way, but Wickston really takes you out of the city and drops you somewhere Switzerland. The quirky decor is second to their amazing sharing plates and quality craft beers.

Photo cred - @itsyogurlvic

4. Otto’s Bierhalle // 1087 Queen Street West // Germany

There’s no place like Otto’s, there’s no place like Otto’s, there’s no place like Otto’s! If you’re missing the sweet taste and feel of Germany, this beer hall will bring you right home. Pro tip: make two trips - one for a kickass brunch, the other for flights on flights on flights.

Photo cred - @femlete

5. Tony’s // 38 Wellington Street // Italy

When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, you’re at Tony’s. This old school Italian restaurant does the country justice with their massive sized pies and classic italiano touches.

Photo cred - @bar_raval

6. Bar Raval // 505 College // Spain

Tapas! Tapas! Tapas! If your heart is aching for Spain, Bar Raval provides gorgeous atmosphere and obviously, delicious tapas. Whether you’re inside or out, you’ll be sure to be feeling that Spanish rhythm with good tunes and good times.

Photo cred - @smiley_princess

7. The House On Parliament // 454 Parliament Street // England  

Straight Outta Britain - The House on Parliament is exactly where you’ll want to bring a homesick Brit. This Cabbagetown staple has all traditional British fare you’d expect from a run-of-the-mill pub - from pot pies and mash to classic British ale.

Photo cred - saracgonzalez

8. The Walton // 607 College Street // Finland

Nothing like those nice clean Nordic lines. Although Toronto’s temperatures are a lot more favourable than Finland’s famous icey atmosphere, the Walton gives a crisp Euro-edge to their decor.

Photo cred - @imjustcuriousblog

9. Boxcar Social // 1208 Yonge St. //Poland

That exposed brick though. Boxcar has got the rustic look on lock, not something unlike what you’d find Poland. Whether you’re stopping in for a quick bite of cheese, bread and grapes or savouring a single malt later in the evening, Boxcar will take you out of that Toronto mentality.

Photo cred - @elyskm

10. Field Trip Cafe // 3 Westmoreland Ave // Hungary

You don’t have to be in school to hit up this dope cafe. Field Trip’s open concept layout and wide open spaces will have your creativity and imagination flowing.

Photo cred - @__littlelam

11. Evergreen Brick Works // 550 Bayview Avenue

Take your pick as to where in Europe you are at Evergreen Brick Works. The whole place is super grammable with wildlife, sparse graffiti and tons of open space. They regularly host markets, making it a great Euro-themed outing for you and your friends!

Photo cred - @Toronto Music Garden

12. Toronto Music Garden // 479 Queen’s Quay // Denmark

If I told you this was Denmark, wouldn’t you believe me? This is one of the many #views Toronto Music Garden has to offer. Sure, you can also snap a great CN Tower pic from this spot too, but if you want to fake your way across the sea, there’s no way anyone could tell.

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