OM NOM NOM NOM NOM! Cookies are always a great idea. They're the perfect in-between a "huge sweet dessert" and "dinky piece of chocolate." Enough to fill you up, but not too much to put you into a food coma, ya feel? Unless you're like me and consume 5-10 at a time (@cookiemonster).

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For an afternoon pick-me-up, try one of these mouth watering cookies in the city. 

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Maman // 100 King St W

Made from an old French family recipe, this cookie is a traditional chocolate chip cookie and soooo yummy...

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Le Gourmand // 152 Spadina Ave

Voted Toronto's best cookie of 2017, their ooey gooey cookie is sensational.

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Portland Variety // 587 King St W

This plump cookie is just the right size for an afternoon treat.

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Momofuko Milk Bar // 190 University Ave

Their unique blend of flavours create the most delicious cookies ever! Like this one ^

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Le Dolci // 1006 Dundas St W

This bakery is filled with goodies! From stunning cakes to one-of-a-kind pastries, to giant friggen cookies, Le Dolci has it all.

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Mabel's // 1156 Queen St W

A cookie the size of your face. JUST WHAT YOU NEED! Crunchy cookies can be yummy too, that's what Mabel's has. Crunchy but no too crunchy.

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Cookie Scoop // 76 Densley Ave

We all know this spot for their sweet creations. Cut open any of the cookies they serve for a surprise inside! Like they're OREOGASM cookie.

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Bakerbots Baking // 205 Delaware Ave

If you prefer a crunchier cookie, you need to try Bakerbots. They're known of their ice cream sandwiches... MOUTH WATERING.

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Cherry Bomb // 79 Roncesvalles Ave

If you're looking for something a little bit different, indulge in Cherry Bomb's Blueberry Thumbprint cookies. You need to get your antioxidants in for the day ;)

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Bang Bang Ice Cream and Bakery // 93 Ossington Ave

More ice cream sandwiches! Bang Bang has another killer ice cream sandwich, with crunchy bottomed cookies on the outside.

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Sleepy Baker // 7 Coxwell Ave

To switch things up in your cookie life, try a cookie pie! Full of chocolate and softer than a regular cookie, it's worth a try.