12 Places To Relax In Toronto When You Are Stressed AF

It's that time of the year.
12 Places To Relax In Toronto When You Are Stressed AF

It seems it is that time of year when life just keeps handing you lemons but no lemonade. You have a lot on your plate right now, but the real issue is that none of it is food. Between work, school and social activities, you are constantly swamped and feel like you never have a moment to just chill. You are beyond stressed and are in need of some time to take a break and relax.

The good news is Toronto offers plenty of de-stressing activities around the city for you to take advantage of. If you find you are constantly running around in circles, trapped in a routine of responsibilities to the point that you feel you may go insane, then this list is for you. Read on for 12 places you have to go to in Toronto for some relaxation when you are seriously stressed AF.

1. Take in the views @ Scarborough Bluffs // 61 Undercliff Dr

There are few sights as breathtaking and serene in the GTA as the Scarborough Bluffs. The view alone is one of the most gorgeous around the city. When you are feeling stressed AF, just take in the scenic cliffs, white sand and crisp, blue waters of the Bluffs and you are sure to feel like you have been transported to somewhere in Europe. It is the perfect spot to enjoy nature's fresh air and forget about your stresses for a while.

2. Play some sports @ Riverdale Park East // 55o Broadview Ave

Riverdale Park East is one of Toronto's best parks, making it the perfect spot to getaway for the day and forget about your problems. With a variety of sports fields, ball diamonds, running tracks and an outdoor hockey rink, all spread out around the park you will be set for a full day of activity. It is easy to forget about your stresses when you are having fun. So when you are feeling stressed AF, grab your friends and head to Riverdale Park to engage in a little healthy competition.

3. Pet the therapy dogs @ Ryerson University // 350 Victoria St

Everyone loves puppies and if someone says they don't, they are lying. Few things compare to a cuddle session with man's best friend. Multiple times through out each school year, Ryerson University teams up with a local canine association to bring therapy dogs to campus. Students get the opportunity to meet the dogs and pet them on their study breaks. If you are an animal lover, you have to visit the RU therapy dogs when you are stressed AF.

4. Smash things in the Rage Room @ Battle Sports // 26 Ashwarren Rd

It does not take scientific research to prove that breaking things makes people feel better - we all know it does. So visit the Rage Room at Battle Sports when you are feeling stressed AF and just start smashing away your problems. The room is specifically designed for things to be destroyed in, plus you will be equipped with weapons and safety gear so you can smash all kinds of things. There is something so stress-relieving about breaking things and making a huge mess.

5. Try flotation therapy @ H2O Float Spa // 138 Danforth Ave

What could be more relaxing than floating? Nothing. At H2O Float Spa, you have the chance to de-stress in a float pod filled with water that is saturated with high-density Epsom salts that allow your body to effortlessly float. Since you do not need to apply any effort to float, you will begin to lose track of all your senses, putting your mind in a state of total relaxation. It is basically impossible to be stressed out in one of these float pods.

6. Try a ganja yoga class @ The House of Yoga // 714 Bloor St W

Yes, you read that right, I did say ganja yoga. Yoga is pretty relaxing on its own but what happens when you add marijuana to the experience? The House of Yoga holds ganja yoga classes, which involve taking a hit before a session of yoga to really put your body at ease. However, if that does not sound like your kind of thing, The House of Yoga also offers Thai massages guaranteed to be just as relaxing.

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7. Go for a stroll down the boardwalk @ Harbourfront Centre // 235 Queens Quay W

It is crazy to think that you can go to a place and feel like you left Toronto although you are still in the downtown core. The Harbourfront Centre is that spot in Toronto. Taking a stroll, bike ride or roller blade along the boardwalk and around the waterfront trail as the day starts to settle into evening is one of the most serene things to do when you are feeling stressed out. The view alone is enough to put your stresses at ease.

8. Try the water circuit @ Body Blitz Spa // 471 Adelaide St W

Body Blitz Spa is a women-only spa (sorry boys) "that puts a modern twist on ancient restorative water practices." Body Blitz maintains the age old tradition of communal bathing to relax, replenish and detoxify. The perfect way to de-sress is to take a dip in their therapeutic pools through their water circuit - that way you can test out all of the pools, reaping their benefits. If you are still feeling stressed after visiting this spa, you are doing something wrong.

9. Watch a comedy show @ Comedy Bar // 945 Bloor St W

Laughing fixes just about everything. Whether your frustrated or sad or overwhelmed, laughter is always the best medicine. So hit up Comedy Bar when you are stressed AF to take in one of their live stand-up comedy shows. Toronto has some great, comedic talent and it is time to take advantage of it. After all, everyone loves a good laugh. When you are stressed AF, laugh your problems away at Comedy Bar - or at least forget about them for an hour or so.

10. Get artsy @ Corkin Gallery // 7 Tank House Ln

There is something so calming about artistic work. Take a day off and spend your time at the Corkin Gallery in the Distillery District and get in touch with your artsy side. The Corkin Gallery is one of Canada's top spaces for contemporary visual arts and houses multiple exhibits of abstract paintings, sculptures, photography and digital media. Plus, its interior is dreamy enough to be considered art too. Check out it out when you are in need of some de-stressing.

11. Watch the sunset @ Chester Hill Lookout // 10 Chester Hill Rd

Get away from your daily stresses by going up, up and away – literally. Chester Hill Lookout is the perfect peaceful spot to enjoy some quality alone time relaxing. Sit above the city and enjoy the sunset over Toronto's skyline or visit the spot at night to stargaze. Regardless of how you choose to enjoy your time at Chester Hill Lookout, it is sure to help you de-stress from a long week and reenergize you for what's to come.

12. Throw things @ STRYKE Target Range // 738 Dundas St E

Sometimes there is no better way to de-stress than throwing an axe at a target. Axe throwing not your thing? No problem. STRYKE Target Range offers four different types of target sports – air-soft guns, archery, knife throwing and axe throwing so take your pick. Take out all your stressful frustrations by launching sharp objects at walls. And if none of those target sports interest you, STRYKE also comes equipped with a fully licensed bar so drink up.

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