London is home to some seriously mouthwatering desserts.  Whether you’re a local with a craving or you’re just looking to explore what the rest of Ontario has to offer, this list is definitely for you.

I have compiled a list of 12 places to take a date in London that will surely satisfy their sweet tooth. This list covers all your basics including ice cream, milkshakes, cupcakes and pretty much everything in between.

And realistically, who can say no to something drowned in chocolate sauce and rainbow sprinkles?!

1. Chil Frozen Yogurt Bar // 620 Richmond St. 

Chil is the perfect place for those of you who like to go a little topping crazy when it comes to your froyo order. They offer numerous amounts of cookie crumbs, candies, gummies, fresh fruits and chocolate chunks that you can fill your bowl with.

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2. Hey, Cupcake! // 275 Wharncliffe Rd N. 

Bitten on Locke is the go-to spot for fresh baked goods in London. They offer lots unique flavour combinations, and are always adding new cupcakes to their menu!

3. Double Decker Ice Cream // 663 Wellington Rd.

Double Decker Ice Cream is the perfect place for a cold scoop on a hot summer's day. And who can say no to an Instagram in front of the bus?!

4. The Boombox Bakeshop // 502 Adelaide St N.

Yes, this list does actually have a vegan option! Boombox bakeshop is a perfect spot for those of you with dietary restrictions, especially if you're not willing to sacrifice taste.

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5. Prince Albert's Diner // 565 Richmond St.

Sometimes all you need in life is a creamy milkshake, and Pince Albert's Diner is the perfect place to get one! This vintage diner is the ideal spot for a quirky date filled with sweet and savory treats.

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6. Glassroots // 646 Richmond St.

Glassroots is the perfect place for a delicious lunch followed by a tasty dessert. They also offer some fun seasonal flavours around the holidays that you need to indulge in.

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7. Petit Paris Creperie & Patisserie // Covent Garden Market, 130 King St.

Who can say no to cake pops and macaroons? Especially when they are this cute! The staff at Petit Paris are also extremely friendly and helpful.

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8. Forrat's Chocolates & Lounge // 1304 Commissioners Rd W #3.

Fondue is the perfect treat for a romantic night out. Whether you're celebrating an anniversary, or you're just trying to crush a chocolate craving, Forrat's Chocolates and Lounge is the ideal place to go for an awesome date with your significant other.

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9. Ritual Cafe // 349 Talbot St. 

Sometimes starting your morning with a twice baked croissant topped with whip cream is 100% necessary, and by sometimes I mean all the time.

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10. Merla Mae Ice Cream // First London Centre, 1080 Adelaide St N.

If you're looking to indulge in some of the tastiest soft serve in London, Merla Mae's is your spot. This spot gives large portions for a reasonable price, making it the perfect place for those of us on a student budget.

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11. Fire Roasted Coffee // 105 King St.

Nothing pairs better with a coffee than a fresh apple fritter! Fire Roasted Coffee serves up a wide array of baked goods to give you that early morining sugar boost you've been craving.

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12. Gibraltar Weekend Market // 1712 Dundas St. 

There is no better way to celebrate the weekend than with a fresh baked donut. Whether you’re looking for something dusted in cookie crumbs or covered in bacon, they definitely have something that will satisfy your craving at the Gilbraltar Weekend Market!

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