Photo cred - Shaheen Karolia

Not only is Drake a Toronto treasure, he also just seems like a really chill guy. He knows how to laugh at himself, he's nice to his fans, and he loves his mom. What's not to love about that? He also hangs out here in his home town quite often. You may be asking "Where? How come I never see him here?" Well, never fear, because here are some of the places he's most likely to be when he's about TO-town. Although I wouldn't advise camping out at any of these places and waiting for him. That wouldn't be fun for either of you.

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At a pop up shop on the west side

Remember that time Drake and OVO opened up a store on Dundas West that sold "6" hats for a couple of days? Who's to say he won't grace his home city with some more Drake merch some time soon? Keep yer eyes peeled.

Eating in Yorkville

Easily Drake's number one hangout when he's here. If I were a rich person, I'd probably enjoy expensive food at every opportunity too.

Hanging out with his mom

Like any good boy, Drake takes the opportunity to spend some quality time with Mama Graham whenever he's in town. What a sweetie. Head to mom-loved spots that he may get dragged to. Drake could easily be found in a parking lot outside of Curves, waiting for his mom to finish her gym-sesh.

Photo cred - Matthew Tinneer

At Tim Hortons

Even Drake's gotta get his coffee fix, and no one's immune to the siren call of Timmies' iced caps.

At the MCA, where he's probably performing

The easiest way to make sure you see Drake is probably by going to one of his shows. I hear he usually shows up to those.

At a Raptors game

Drake is their official ambassador, but you get the feeling that even if he wasn't, he'd probably still be showing up at every game, hugging the players and smiling proudly.

Buying some fresh threads at Chanel

You have to keep your look cute, and no one knows that better than Drizzy. Sometimes, he's known to go patronize some high end Yorkville stores, where they probably don't even blink when he walks in.

Just going for a walk in his old neighbourhood

Everyone likes to go for the occasional walk through where they used to grow up and think back on simpler times. Drake gets that. He's often been seen strolling through Forest Hill, where he's probably thinking "There's the place where I first scraped my knee falling off my scooter! Good times." Celebrities, guys. They're just like us.

Photo cred - Lenny S

Driving a swanky car on the highway or downtown

Sometimes, Drake travels from point A to point B. He often does this buy driving shiny, expensive cars. People have seen him driving on the highway entering the city, as well as in some parts of downtown. Why anyone would drive downtown is beyond me, but I guess Drake can do whatever he wants.

Doing a photo shoot at the Trump International Hotel

Drake is an important person, and sometimes magazines take consensual pictures of him in different poses. Sometimes this happens in Toronto, like it did that time at the Trump International Hotel. There's tons of great places to take pictures in this city, so who knows if it'll happen next time you're walking through downtown.

At Pearson Airport

Yes, sadly, Drake can't be here all the time. Sometimes he has to leave, and when he does, you might see him at Pearson Airport. Many a celebrity has been spotted here, so there's no reason the next one you see won't be our beloved Aubrey.

Chilling his friends in Dundas West or Yorkville

Coming home is a great opportunity for any of us to catch up with old friends, so when Drake's in town, he and his buddys hit the town. They've been spotted eating at restaurants on Dundas West, as well as at a few Yorkville bars.

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