12 Reasons Why Being Single During The Holidays In Toronto Is Actually The Best

#6. Nobody will stop you from listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album.

Even if you're totally happy flying solo, being single during the holidays can be a drag. Every holiday activity seems to be geared towards couples, showing up to Christmas parties alone can be embarrassing and all your relatives suddenly become interested in your love life during family functions.   And who wants to sit inside and watch Christmas movies alone?

On the other hand, it's all about perspective and how you choose to spend your time. Plus it's only one month of coupley nonsense and then you're free to live your life.  (Until Valentines Day of course.)  The following are a few reasons why being single during the holidays can actually be the best:

 1.It’s the best time to wheel dudes because they are sad and lonely too.

It’s called cuffing season. It's like dating for less-committed people.

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2. You get to visit all your friends from home instead of his weird relatives in Collingwood.

Nothing is better than when your squad is back together.

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3. Your Christmas shopping is cut in half.

His parents, his siblings…HIM. I mean boys are hard AF to shop for.

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4. This also means less time dodging tourists at the Eaton Centre.

You can’t walk anywhere without getting in the way of someone’s photo in front of the big ass light up reindeer.

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5. Less gifts to buy = more money for you to spend on yourself.

Go get your ass to Bloor Street for some real shopping,

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6. Nobody will stop you from listening to the Justin Bieber Christmas album.

“Imma be under the mistletoe, with youuuuu.”

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7. You can still do all the cute Toronto holiday things.

You can still go to the Christmas market and go skating at Nathan Phillips Square with your friends. And get wasted first, it’ll be a blast.

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8. And you can skate at your own pace.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve gone skating with a guy only to have him show off the whole time. Ok we get it, you play hockey!!

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9. Nobody is going to be pissed if you have to work through the holidays.

Working during the Christmas season sucks, but you gotta hustle to make that $$$. Rent in Toronto ain’t cheap.

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10. Speaking of work, you don’t have to go to anyone else’s awkward work parties.

And you’re allowed to get a little flirty at your own.

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11. You get to go home and stuff your face without having someone bug you about your weight.

“Bring on the pies mom, I've got my eating sweatpants on.”

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12. And best of all…you’ll be single for NEW YEARS EVE!!

Aka. the best night of the year to be single.

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