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12 Reasons Why You Need A Filipina Girlfriend In Your Life

Proud to be Filipino!
12 Reasons Why You Need A Filipina Girlfriend In Your Life

As Canadians, we're fortunate to live in a country that is so culturally diverse. Our exposure to people of different backgrounds and traditions makes our social experiences, from friendships to dating, all the more interesting.

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In Toronto,one of the largest ethnic groups are Filipinos. They are an integral part of the cultural fabric of the city and offer a unique heritage that contributes to its wonderful diversity.

Here are 12 reasons why you need a Filipina girlfriend in your life:

1. You'll never go hungry.

Filipinos live to eat! You'll enjoy having access to unlimitedamounts of lumpia and pancit.

2. Her family will treat you like one of their own.

Filipinos are very family-oriented. For the most part, they determine someone as family more by behaviour than blood.

3. She'll treat you with the utmost hospitality.

And show your family respect and kindness.

4. You'll be introduced to the unique Filipino heritage.

It's rich history, heritage and traditions.

5. Her beauty is one of a kind.

Filipinas are known for their unique beauty and features. Filipinas have made the top 5 in the past few Miss Universe pageants, if that's any indication!

6. She'll help you build your self-confidence.

Because no party is complete without a performance on the Magic Mic!

7. You'll learn new methods of communication.

You'll be pouting your lips in no time.

8. Her fashion game will always be on point.

Fashionistas at heart.

9. She can hold her own.

Filipinos are hardworking and self-sufficient.

10. You'll never be bored.

You'll always find something fun to occupy yourselves with, whether you go out or stay in.

11. Her corny jokes will always make you laugh.

Filipinos have an odd but great sense of humour. Just watch any Filipino variety show and you'll see what I mean!

12. She'll forever commit to you, and to you alone.

Like any other person, she'll be loyal to you so long as you reciprocate the loyalty.

Alright, so some of these are a little bit exaggerated; but I promise they all bear a significant degree of truth! #ProudToBePinoy!

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