12 Reasons You Need To Date A Humber Girl

Because Humber ladies just know what's up.

There are many traits that flood our minds when we think of Toronto girls. Not only are city women beautiful, smart, career-driven and fashionable, Toronto girls are some of the best in the word. With a multicultural city comes women from all paths of lives, which includes the ladies from Humber College.

Although some would argue that York, Ryerson or University of Toronto are home to some of the best ladies of the city, we would have to argue that the girl's at Humber are really where it's at! From their amazing style to their wicked sense of humour, you know that these women are owning the Toronto scene.

So if you know one, date one or want to be one, check out why Humber ladies are the best in the city. 

Humber ladies are owning the sports scene.

Everyone knows the Humber Hawks are very competitive, but the women's volleyball team is especially great. Just winning their 10th consecutive OCAA championship, these women are proving how amazing and inspiring they truly are!

Humber girls are fashion queens.

With a fashion program and cosmetic management, you know that Humber ladies know exactly what makes a look. It doesn't matter what campus you're at because these girls can rock street style to sophisticated business chic any day.

Humber girls are smart as hell.

Of course, ladies in any post-secondary institution have to have brains but Humber women are knowledgeable in a number of fields. Attending one of the largest colleges in Canada, Humber produces women in fields like business, media, culinary, healthcare, finance and more.

Humber girls are unique and individual.

All people have a unique quality about them but the ladies of Humber College stand out in a crowd. From attending a giant college, these women dare to be different so they shine.

Humber ladies become super successful.

The women at Humber graduate only to become among the ranks of other successful women. Other female alumni of Humber include Dina Pugliese of Breakfast Television, singer Emilie-Claire Barlow, New Girl writer Rebecca Addelman, and more.

Humber girls know how to navigate the city.

From going to a school in Etobicoke, these ladies know how to navigate the streets of Toronto. Whether they took the risk of driving, using the TTC, or just fending for themselves in Rexdale, you know these ladies are independent city slickers.

Humber ladies are kind and open-minded.

Humber College is known for promoting its diversity and acceptance of all students, so it's no surprise the ladies practice these values also. With gender neutral bathrooms, thousands of international students from all over the globe, and heritage weeks, these ladies live and breathe acceptance.

Humber chicks know how to laugh.

Not only are these babes brainy, they have amazing senses of humour. Humber being one of the only schools in Canada with a comedy program, these women will have you weak at the knees and head over heels by making you laugh.

Humber girls know how to party.

Whether the school year is starting, finishing, or maybe it's just Tuesday, these ladies know how to have fun! If you need someone to be your drinking partner it might be time to find you a Humber girl!

Humber girls are driven.

When it's time to grind out work these girls get the job done. Humber is known for having an intense workload at times so being able to handle the pressures of school (and life) is a must for these ladies.

Humber girls know when to be serious.

As already stated these girls are hilarious but also know when it's time to stop joking around. By being able to be serious you can talk to her about everything under the sun and makes her all the more understanding.

Humber girls are the best in Toronto.

Who cares if you have to head all the way to Etobicoke to see them? These women have it all and inspire us to be ourselves! Keep doing your thing girl!