Humber frosh is just around the corner, which means we all need to prepare our livers for the most vodka filled weekend of them all.

Frosh is one of the few times of the year where students from Lakeshore, North and even Orangville get together to get really really wasted.  It's kind of heart-warming, isn't it?  Whether it's your first time at frosh, or you're a veteran, you'll definitely be able to spot of few of these people partying this weekend.

You're bound to meet a few interesting people during your time at frosh, and if you don't then you're not doing it right.

1. The Veteran

These are the 2nd, 3rd or 4th-year students who have learned from their 1st-year mistakes. They bring plastic bags for their phones at the paint party. They did the perfect amount of pre-drinking, and they showed up at the perfect "fashionably late" timing. If this is your first Humber frosh, strive to be like these individuals.

2. The future club promoter

This is the person running around frosh making sure everyone knows about his after party. You can also definitely bet that it will be a kegger, and he will be making a huge amount of money off all the first years who are not yet drowning in student debt. This guy is a total hustler, and knows how to spin frosh to his advantage.

3. The girl who thinks she's at Digital Dreams

She's in full-out rave attire, she's front row for the DJ set, and her arms are covered in Kandi. Unfortunately, this girl did not get the memo that Humber Frosh is not Toronto's next big festival.

4. The hopefull alumni

This is the Humber graduate that is hoping nobody thinks it's weird that they're still going to frosh. They somehow got somebody else to buy their ticket, and they're trying to relive their first-year memories. They are also trying to distract themselves that they are now faced with the real world, and no long get to show up to their morning lecture still drunk from the night prior.

5. The savage squad

Savage squads are a very normal group to spot a Humber. If you didn't already know, Humber students can put away a concerning amount of vodka, and party on a very questionable amount of sleep. You'll be able to spot these squads because they will be the crews that go back to pre-drink again after frosh and before the after party. They will likely not stop partying until 5:00 AM on most weekends and they are probably guilty of puking in a few of the res hallways. but realistically, they are some of the most fun people on campus.

6. The "completely sober" one

She downed a 26 in the span of an hour and loves to repeat that she's "not even that drunk". This girl won't be getting into frosh, and will likely be tucked into bed at 4PM by a friend. Sweet dreams gal, better luck next year!

7. The escape artist

This is a close second to the "completely sober" one. They probably ingested just as much alcohol, but they handle defeat a little differently. Once turned down at the doors this individual will scale a fence, sneak through a back door, or run from security to get into frosh. They are a die-hard partier, and a force to be reckoned with.

8. The shoulder hoppers

This girl has some of the cleanest shoes at frosh, mainly because she has barely been on the ground. This girl seeks out tall people and climbs on them before they can even say yes to giving a shoulder ride. She will probably have the best snap chat story of the night, but will definitely interfere with your view.

9.  The IGNITE staff suffering from major FOMO

These wonderful people are the ones who make frosh happen. But with all that power comes responsibility. Unfortunately, these people are the most sober individuals at frosh. They are likely looking at you and you're friends wishing that they could have a few drinks. Treat these people with respect, they are the ones who took one for the team and made it happen.

10. The die hard HSF supporters

RIP HSF. You may not actually see these people at frosh, but you'll see them all over the hashtags the following morning. They will likely make posts about how HSF would have done it better, which may or may not be true.

11. The one who's scared shitless

This is the freshmen who's very new to partying. They likely though at 6 pack of Vex would get them through orientation week, but they were oh so wrong. They will start to get the hang of things by Halloween, just give them time.

12. The kids that "DON'T EVEN GO HERE"

They are likely U of T kids who TTCed to Etobicoke in hopes of actually having a frosh experience.

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