Photo cred - Danielle Scott

Oh you two. You're so cute together. You shouldn't be afraid to show the world how into each other you are, but you should be strategic about where you bring out the PDA so it doesn't feel trashy. There are a lot of opportunities in this city for romance, all you gotta do is look for them. Here are some of the best places for the two of you to cozy up so you feel like your lives are something out of a Disney movie. Or something.

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In the back of an empty streetcar

Nothing like getting what feels like a private t0ur of the city in the back of a streetcar with your bae. The operator is all the way at the front, so you're basically all alone.

At the fountains on Dundas Square

This is best at midday, so the street is really busy. It'll feel like something right out of a romcom.

On Cherry Beach at night

How fucking romantic is that? Sitting on the beach, and looking up at the stars, if you don't end up canoodling, you're doing it wrong.

At an after hours downtown

Carve yourselves out a little nook and cuddle up. It'll be dark, you'll both be spent from a night of partying, and everyone else will be doing their own thing.

Photo cred - Dan Arsenault

In a tree at High Park

K-I-S-S-I-N-G while looking out at all that gorgeous nature is pretty much perfect.

In a canoe on the lakefront

Just the two of you alone in a canoe, surrounded by water and looking up at a clear sky. Sounds like something out of a dream.

At a Leafs game

Watching our team doing their thing on the ice will put any Torontonian in a good mood. Use any goal scored as an excuse for a celebratory make out session.

At a sweaty dance party at Parts and Labour

It's dark, the music is pounding, and you're already pressed up against each other. You're half way there so take it home!

At Nathan Phillips Square

Best for in the winter when the skating rink is open. It's even more perfect if you skate towards each other and meet right in the middle (note: I'm a romcom obsessed dork).

Photo cred - minha macOnha

At the Humber Bay Butterfly Habitat

This is perfect in the fall, before all the butterflies are gone for the winter. It'll be a make out for the memory banks.

On Queen West at night

You're walking home from a bar together, and you notice how cute the buildings are, how quiet the street is. Suddenly, you're overwhelmed with the urge to get cuddly, and no one can blame you.

On the swings at Bellevue Square Park

Kids rarely actually use these swings, so they may be the best ones in the city for "Grown Up Make Out Times" as I maturely like to call it. Probably best to do it in the day though, before all the heroine needles come out.

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