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11 Secret Swimming Spots You Can Visit In Ontario

Nature's swimming pools.

Perhaps the best way to beat the heat this summer is by going swimming. And by that, I don't mean just at your local community pool; but instead, at one of the wondrous swimming holes, quarries and secluded lakes or waterfalls in Ontario. Several of them are near to Toronto, and boy are they worth the drive.

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Now that the warm weather has arrived, it may interest you to visit one of these secret swimming spots. Some of the ones on this list are great for full-fledged swimming, while others are relatively shallow but still great to get a little wet in. Of course, nothing is ever truly "secret", but such destinations may be refreshing options to individuals who aren't locals to the areas:

(Note: As with any body of water, high coliform counts can cause the waters to be not suitable for swimming. Please contact local authorities for updated water statuses before heading out!)

Photo cred - panaramio

Topaz Lake // Killarney

Paradise Lagoon // Sudbury

Photo cred - amapreetk

Kelso Conservation Area // Halton

Parraseux Falls // Mattawa

Bathtub Island // Katherine Cove

(Also shown in cover photo of this article)

Photo cred - panoramio

Burnt Rock Pool // Wawa

Havelock Quarry // Havelock-Belmont-Bethuen

Valens Reservoir // Hamilton

Innerkip Quarry // Innerkip

Bridal Veil Falls // Manitoulin Island

Photo cred - tripadvisor

St. Mary's Quarry // St. Mary's

BONUS: Princess Falls // Hamilton

(For wading)

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