Canada may not be blessed with tropical climates, but that doesn't mean it's devoid of great swimming spots! From clear blue lakes to soothing hot springs, there are several places to take a comfortable dip in the Great White North.

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This summer, skip the local pool and head over to one of these 12 "secret" swimming spots instead:

Liard River

British Columbia

The Liard River flows in the northern regions of British Columbia, through the Yukon and into the Northwest Territories. Along its length is a secluded hot spring that is actually the second largest in the country.

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Horseshoe Lake


Horseshoe Lake features beautiful cerulean-coloured waters nestled between towering cliffs and thick boreal forests.

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Little Manitou


Little Manitou is a small saltwater lake that is often referred to as the "Dead Sea of Canada." Its water is dense enough that swimmers can easily float on its surface.

Lundar Quarry


The Lundar Quarry is a beautiful body of water in the Interlake region that is lined by short, grass-covered cliffs.

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Katherine Cove


Katherine Cove features Bathtub Island, a tub of water made of an enclosure of rocks in Lake Superior. The shallow waters often warm up in the summer, making for a comfortable swim.

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Jean-Larose Waterfall


The Jean-Larose Waterfall can be found along a scenic looped hike in the Mont-Sainte-Anne area. The base of the falls is perfect for wading in the summer time.

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Mactaquac Cove

New Brunswick

Mactaquac Cove is an unofficial location that offers opportunities for a private dip in the water near the Mactaquac Dam.

Marble Mountain Beach

Nova Scotia

Marble Mountain Beach is a white sandy shore characterized by towering marble rock formations and crystal clear waters.

Thunder Cove

Prince Edward Island

Thunder Cove is somewhat like PEI's version of the Bay of Fundy, with reddish-brown sands and similar rock formations along its shore.

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La Manche Falls


La Manche Falls is found along a 2-km trail that leads through a marsh, bog and mixed forest in the Newfoundland wilderness.

Takhini Hot Springs


The Takhini Hot Springs are located just outside the city of Whitehorse and features pools of natural mineral water heated to 47 degrees C.

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Kraus Hot Springs

Northwest Territories

The Kraus Hot Springs are a rock pit pools within Nahanni National Park that are naturally heated by geothermal energy from the Earth.