12 Signs You Grew Up In Mississauga

The Six (pretty much).
12 Signs You Grew Up In Mississauga

You're from where?




Mississauga is home to over 700,000 people, making it the largest suburb in Anglo-America. It is located in Southern Ontario and if you think you can get away with saying “Sauga”, you’re wrong. It is a city that is constantly developing to the point where you probably wouldn’t recognize it if you left and came back after one year.

If you are a 90’s baby that grew up during the 2000’s you are most likely going to thrive off of how much you relate to these 12 signs that you grew up in Mississauga: 

1. You are VERY well aware that Ryan Gosling’s mom works at Port Credit High School.

2.When someone asks you where you are from you never hesitate to say “Toronto”.

3.You’ve never actually seen all of Mississauga because seriously, who decided to make all of that land one city anyways?

4.You remember when Square One looked like this.

Photo cred - In Sauga

5.You've been in one of the last indoor roller skating parks around.

6.You spent an abnormal amount of time in Tim Horton’s parking lots between grade 8 and your early high school years.

7.When asked about where you attend university you conveniently leave the “Mississauga” out of the University of Toronto.

9.You looked forward to this every summer but you don’t really know why.

10.You've had countless high school reunions at Ten Restaurant and Wine Bar.

Photo cred - @jenna.beans

11.You attended all of the birthdays ever at Playdium.

12.All of your friends' parents speak another language

12.Hazel is more than just a colour to you and you are shocked to hear that people grow up with more than one mayor in their life.