12 Signs Your Relationship Problems Are Bigger Than They Seem

The pot is obviously boiling.
12 Signs Your Relationship Problems Are Bigger Than They Seem

Ask yourself this question, "are you truly in love?" It's not one easy to answer, that's for sure. No relationship is perfect and it's important to understand that sometimes not everybody has a happy ending to their story.

Many people break off relationships because they notice the bigger problems, for example if they cheated on you. Of course cheating is totally unacceptable but sometimes there are ongoing tiny problems that people ignore. News flash, these little problems can actually be bigger than they seem.

Do you feel as if there's something wrong in your relationship but you're unsure of what it is? Perhaps you should take these 12 warnings into consideration:

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1. Your nights consist of Netflix and Chill instead of going out.

Now, I'm not saying you have to go out every single night. As nice as it would be, we all have budgets and unless you're a millionaire you'd break your bank account going out every night.But that doesn't mean you should be staying in and 'continue watching' every episode on Netflix. There are many things you can do without spending money. For example, going on a bike ride or having a picnic. But if all you're doing is having sex and locking yourself in a one bedroom apartment watching Netflix every day, it's time to reevaluate your relationship. There are so many things to discover at a young age, if you're not doing it together then it's time to be single and do it on your own.

2. You're blowing off your friends ears.

If you're constantly talking about your 'little problems" with your friendsand the conversation about how pissed off you are at your bf/gf takes up more than 50%, *cough, cough* red flag. If you're happy in your relationship, there's no need to rant off about nonsense. The little things aren't worthy speaking of, but clearly you're unhappy with your relationship and the problems are bigger than they seem if that's all you talk about day and night.

3. You're all over their social media.

"Who sent a direct message on Instagram, why did you like and comment on their photo? Why is that person snap chatting you?" You have some serious trust issues and jealousy problems, which may seem like a tiny issue but in reality it's a serious sign. If you're confident in your relationship and you trust your S/O, social media will not effect your relationship. I'm not saying it's easy because the power of social media has an effect on everyone but there's a limit, and becoming a professional stalker is nothing to be proud of.

4. You don't care to "take care" of yourself.

Many people tend to give up on themselves once they get into a relationship: "oh we're just comfortable." Being too comfortable is not good. If you stop caring about how you look, your relationship will go downhill. It's cute to wear you bf's t-shirts here and there, but if you forgot how to do your hair and you're wearing sweats on a daily basis, honey that's a big problem.

5. There's no "spark."

Compare your relationship to a book, once you finish reading the book you know the whole story, and then all it becomes is a memory. You know what the book is about and the exciting feeling of what's going to happen is gone because you're done reading it. Once that "spark" is gone in a relationship, it's not that easy to fix. That's why it's important to let the relationship transition slowly. Once you take your relationship to a different level, then you can open your book to your S/O because you know that you will always be of great interest to them.

6. The "silent moments" awaken.

All of a sudden, there's nothing to talk about. Your conversations aren't as interesting anymore or perhaps you barely speak. You send each other one word text messages and your phone conversations consist of yes,no,ok, thanks, np. This is a serious problem because in a healthy relationship, you'll always find something to talk about.

7. The "cold shoulder."

There's no physical affection in your relationship or interest in that "spicy PDA." Your relationship is just plain boring and your S/O always makes excuses not to kiss you, hug you or simply just hold your hand.

8. You're always initiating the conversation.

You'll always message them first because they're "too busy" to send you a one word text. Somehow when you first met that was never a problem, but now all out of no where they can't even send you a simple text saying "hi hope you have a good day."

9. They say no to taking photos.

Ok I understand, certain people aren't photogenic and they hate taking photos. But, if your S/O is posting selfies everyday then why can't there be a photo with you? Alert - it's because they simply only care about themselves, don't care enough about you and don't want people to see they're in a committed relationship. Once again, I'd like to clarify this is only a big issue if the other person is obsessed with posting photos of themselves but refuse to display a photo together.

10. The sex drive between you two is imbalanced.

One person wants it more than the other. He is never down and you always are, or vice versa. You're sexual attraction to each other should be balanced and equal, if not that's a big problem. Your sex life reflects the issues in your relationship and that is a proven fact. If your having problems in your relationship, your sex life will suck.

11. They have no respect for their parents.

If your S/O is rude and disrespectful towards their own family, what makes you think they won't treat you the exact same way? Everyone has issues with their parents once in a while, but it's the matter of how they handle it. It may seem like the relationship with their parents won't affect your relationship, but in the long run trust me, it will.

12. You ignore all these "little problems."

Communication is key in relationships, therefore if you can't talk about it, you can't be together. These little problems should be solved easily and there's no need for them to be stuck at the back of your head 24/7.

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