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12 Places Torontonians Have Struggled To Pronounce

Yes, it is indeed Toh-raan-toh!
12 Places Torontonians Have Struggled To Pronounce

Have you ever been stuck in an awkward stitch where you want to tell someone you'll walk down Yonge Street or rather peruse through the vintage shops found in Roncesvalles, except you're not sure how they're pronounced? Well fear not friends: here is a list of what are some of the places where the spelling has absolutely nothing (and I seriously do mean nothing) to do with the way something sounds!

Here is a phonetic spelling of 12 places in Toronto that are difficult to pronounce:

1. Roncesvalles

This Polish dominated area is a personal struggle which can be pronounced "RAWN-SEZ-VALLS" or "RAWN-SEZ-VALE" or perhaps I am still saying it incorrectly. Whatever the case may be, this street has some of the cutest brunch spots and boutiques in the city. Check it out!

2. Sherbourne

"SHER-BURN" is the TTC station typically dreaded by students each fall when they need to get a photo ID to be used alongside their post-secondary metro pass.

3. Queen's Quay

"QUEEN'S KEY" is a magnificent street (that has awesome, clearly distinguished bike lanes) in the Harbourfront neighbourhood downtown.

Photo cred - Mosaikhomes

4. Vaughan

The city of "VON" not only houses Canada's Wonderland but is also the 17th largest city in Canada!

5. Strachan

"STRAWN" rhymes with drawn? Ya, there's really no way to remember that one...

6. Etobicoke

I swear I heard someone refer to "ET-TOH-BEE-CO" as et-a-ba-co-key. Please note the silent K! (Also, home of the first ever Colonel Sam Smith Skating Trail in Toronto).

7. Wellesley

Does this list feel like a break down of all the TTC stations? Don't worry, "WELLS-LY" is the last TTC station on here!

8. Glencairn

I've only ever heard the TTC announce "GLEN-KAR-N" station on my way to Yorkdale. Who meets up with friends at Glencairn and what do you do here?

Photo cred - Marsdd

9. Grosvenor

Let's all pretend to be English and say "GRO-VNER" almost like 'guv-ner'!

10. Dufferin

This street and TTC station is pronounced "DUFF-ER-IN". Also, Dufferin street is referred to as "Little Little Italy", due to the Italians who moved up in this community during the 50's.

11. Shuter

The closest Starbucks to Ryerson with a patio can be found at the corner of "SHOOTER" and Church Street.

12. Yonge

I don't understand why people are confused about good old "YOUNG" street. The Guinness Book of Records once stated Yonge Street as the longest street in the world! Yay!

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