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As someone who lives and does most of their partying on the West side, I have a lot of love for this part of town. Most 20-somethings in this city feel the same way, but know next to nothing about the East side. This is completely unfair. There's a ton of dope shit going on East of Yonge Street, and I'm not talking about your little brother's middle school soccer game. The East side has more than its share of bars, food, cafes, and other fun things just waiting for you to check them out. So, get on that.

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Gerrard India Bazaar

Spice up your cooking and get some cool new shit for your apartment. This is the largest South Asian goods market in North America, so there's no way you won't find something you want. Plus you can get all the homemade lassi you want at corner stores. So good.

Greek town on the Danforth

Any day of the year is a good day for Greek food, and a trip to the Danforth is the best possible way to satisfy your souvlaki craving.

The View of Downtown from Riverdale Park

There's really no way to get over how gorgeous the Toronto skyline is, and this is a particularly sweet vantage point.

Photo cred - Meg Lawson

De Grassi St.

Be an awkward dork and take pictures in front of the street signs on De Grassi Street. Easily the best way to honour the biggest Torontonian TV show of our childhoods. I know it's actually written "Degrassi" but who's paying that much attention?

Chinatown east

This Chinatown is superior to the one on Spadina and College in terms of grocery shopping, and in terms of not having to be around drunk U of T students.

Chill vibes

While the West side can be a little on the rushed side, the East side takes it slow. It's nice to get away from that West side mentality and just chill at a cafe or bar on the East.

Indian buffet

Let me say that again: Indian. Buffet. You can find these places all along Gerrard Street. The best part is that a lot of them provide take away containers so you can bring more food home with you. That's pretty unreal in my book.

Church and Wellesly

Everyone loves Church and Wellesely. The nightlife is great, the people are friendly, and it's home to some fantastic restaurants. More than worth a trip to the East.

Photo cred - Pete McLeod

Cafes in Leslieville

The West side's got some great cafe's, but there's plenty of cozy stops with great menus all along Leslieville. If you haven't checked out First Break Coffee or Sideshow Cafe, you should really correct that.

Danforth and Donlands hookah bars

The east side is really the best place in the city to satisfy your hookah craving. On some Thursday night when you and your friends are in the mood to sit in a dark, ambient room and smoke candy flavoured tobacco, head over to Starbuzz or Aida.

Leslieville Farmer's market

The Leslieville Farmer's Market is a great place to do groceries if you're trying to get on that health tip, or taste great food made with organic products.

Leslieville Flea Market

Leslieville is just kind of the shit. It's also home to a flea market that is perfect for all your cheap shopping needs. It happens every month, so next time you want some vintage clothing or funky furniture on the cheap, check it out.

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