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12 Struggles Of Being A Summer School Student

Forever stu(dying).
12 Struggles Of Being A Summer School Student

Having to go to school in the summer sucksSigning up for summer school might have seemed like a good idea when you initially did it, but now that there's no turning back, you start to question why you even considered it in the first place.

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Here are 15 struggles of being a summer school student:

1. Not wanting to be at school at all but knowing you need the credits.

And you wake up each day asking yourself, "Do I really need this degree?" ?

2. Getting more pale while everybody gets a nice tan.

"You need to get out more," they tell you. ?

3. Not being able to go out with your friends at night because you've got a morning class the next day.

The club ain't goin' up on a Tuesday for you. ?

4. Being stuck in a lecture while everybody's at the beach.

Not cool. ?

5. Money that could have gone to food, shopping and activities went to tuition and textbooks instead.

And now you're more broke than ever. ?

6. Missing the friends you usually do assignments with.

You're saying I have to do these individual assignments... Alone?? ?

7. Living your summer life through the Snapchat stories of your friends.

You cry inside because you're missing out on so much. ?

8. Spending all-nighters stu(dying) instead of binging Netflix.

"Take summer classes," they said. "It'll be fun," they said. ?

9. The sound of an alarm clock in the summer.

If your alarm clock was a person you would punch it in the face. Twice.?

10. Having night classes in the summer.

Why are night classes a thing?? ?

11. Having to lug a bag full of textbooks around in the heat.

And sweating the entire day as a result. ?

12. Having several more weeks to go.

*Pulls out hair* ?

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