Even though it might not feel like spring when you look out the window right now, it actually is coming.. eventually! Soon this weird half winter, half spring weather will be over and we can finally enjoy the sunlight that's coming our way. 

The best way to celebrate the amazing weather that's coming our way (hopefully sooner rather than later) is to get out their and explore our beautiful province. Ontario is home to some gorgeous national and provincial that hold natural wonders like waterfalls, gorges, boardwalk trails, rapids, and more! 

These trails all hold these natural wonders and they're the perfect place to start your spring and summer adventures! 

12. Barron Canyon Trail

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Length: 1.5 km loop

The Barron Canyon Trail is located in the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park. You'll walk along a 1.5 km loop past lush forests and the massive, deep canyon. As you go you'll stop at high vistas where you'll receive breathtaking views from way up!


11. Rattlesnake Point Trail

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Length: 4.7 km one way

There's a few different hiking trails to choose from in the Crawford Lake Conservation Area but the Nassagaweya Trail is the one that will take you to the beautiful Rattlesnake Point. Here you'll be rewarded with stunning views of the rolling fields below you.


10. Kag Trail

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Length: 2.5 km

You'll find this gorgeous nature trail in the heart of Samuel de Champlain Provincial Park. Here you'll get to hike through winding paths past tall, sprawling trees and up steep hills. Though this hike isn't especially long it is a bit more advanced than others.


9. Ganaraska Trail 

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Length: 500km

This trail is incredibly long and spans a ton of ground. Obviously you don't have to hike the entire length since it's split up into sections along the way. The forest is so beautiful that this spot is also a popular location for weddings!


8. Joker's Hill Trail

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Length: 1.5-3 km

There's 3 different trail loops you can choose on this hike ranging in length. Here you'll explore the Thornton Bales Conservation Area and you can hike the famous '99 steps' which consists of 99 log steps up a steep hill!


7. Spencer Adventure Trail

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Length: 1.3-5.4 km

Head over to the city of waterfalls, Hamilton, to find some gorgeous trails leading you to even more gorgeous sites. The Spencer Adventure Trail will lead you to Webster's Falls, Spencer Gorge, Tew's Falls, Dundas Peak and more!


6. Elora Gorge Trail

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Length: 3 km

The Elora Gorge Conservation Area has a ton of fun spots to explore while you're hiking. You'll walk past massive bridges, hidden waterfalls, turquoise quarries and rushing rapids! There's also a 22 metre deep gorge that is definitely the main attraction.


5. Beamer Memorial Conservation Area Trail

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Length: 10 km

This trail is known as having the best vantage point in the Niagara Peninsula so you can imagine just how beautiful it is in person. Choose the scenic Lookout Trail and you'll find yourself high above the trees with breathtaking views!


4. Cedar Trail

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Length: 2.2 km

Travel barely outside the city limits and you'll find the amazing Rouge River Urban Park that is home to the stunning Rouge River. Follow the Cedar Trail You'll pass meadows, wetlands, streams, rivers and more!


3. Crawford Lake Trail

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Length: 22 km

Crawford Lake has a boardwalk trail that circles around the entire lake! This unique trail system is perfect for a sunny hike with views of lush forests and past the shimmering lake.


2. Trimble Trail

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Length: 1.5 km loop

The Belfountain Conservation Area is the perfect place to take a spring hike. You'll be led over suspension bridges, past rushing waterfalls, through shrouded forests and so much more! All you have to do is enjoy the walk and make sure your camera is posed for stunning photo-ops along the way.


1. Forks Of The Credit Provincial Park Trails

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Length: 6.2 km

There's a few different trails you can take through this gorgeous park. They will take you through meadows, past marshy bogs, through lush forests, along cute boardwalks and to stunning view points!