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12 Theme Parks That Are Worth Taking A Road Trip To From Toronto

For the thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies.

All thrill seekers find enjoyment in going on rides that seemingly defy the laws of physics. For them, the faster, higher, steeper and loopier the rides, the better.

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If you're a thrill seeker in Toronto looking for a change from Canada's Wonderland, you should definitely check out these 12 theme parks:

(Note: All of the theme parks listed here are "road-trip" distance from Toronto; that is, 2- to 8-hr drives.)

Photo credDarien Lake Theme Park

Darien Lake

New York, NY

208 km away (2 h 15 min)

Darien Lake is New York's largest theme park and features a wide selection of rides and attractions. In addition to the amusement park, it also contains a water park, campground, entertainment venues and lodging.

Calypso Park

Limoges, ON

445 km away (4 h 27 min)

Calypso Park is Canada's largest water park at 100-acres. Since it's opening in 2010, the park has welcomed over 2 million visitors worldwide. It features over 35 heated water slides, 100 water games, themed rivers and a wave pool. One of the slides, called The Summit Tower, is one of the tallest and fastest in North America.

La Ronde

Montreal, QC

550 km away (5 h 19 min)

La Ronde is a theme park owned and operated by Six Flags. It features over 40 rides and 10 roller coasters; one of which is the gargantuan Le Monstre, which holds the record for being the highest double-tracked roller coaster in the world. Several shows and attractions are also held at this park, including an international fireworks competition.

Cedar Point

Sandusky, OH

567 km away (5 h 38 min)

Cedar Point is a theme park located on the Lake Erie peninsula. It is the second-oldest operating them park in the US and features a world-record of 72 rides; 17 of which are roller coasters. It will add to that number this month, as a new roller coaster named Valravn will be making its long-awaited debut.

Hershey Park

Hershey, PA

633 km away (6 h 47 min)

Hershey Park is a theme park based on Hershey's Chocolates that has over 70 rides and attractions within its 110-acre lot. The park also features a zoo named ZOOAMERICA, and a neighbouring Hershey's Chocolate World where visitors can shop, eat and take facility tours.

Photo cred - TCT Times

Michigan's Adventure

Muskegon, MI

658 km (6 h 18 min)

Michigan's Adventure is a 250-acre amusement park that also doubles as a water park. The park's main attractions include 7 gigantic roller coasters (including the infamous Shivering Timbers) and several other high-thrill rides.

Dorney Park & Wildwater Kingdom

Allentown, PA

717 km away, (6 h 53 min)

Dorney Park is a theme park and water park that houses 8 feature roller coasters, including Steel Force, which is the ninth longest steel roller coaster in the world. The park also has several other thrill rides such as Intamin (a free-fall ride) and the Screamin' Swing (a pendulum-like ride).

King's Island

Mason, OH

762 km away (7 h 30 min)

King's Island is a division of Paramount Parks, which makes it a sister park to our very own Canada's Wonderland. The park features over 80 rides, shows and attractions, including 14 roller coasters and a 33-acre water park.

Luna Park

Coney Island, NY

786 km away (8 h 9 min)

Luna Park is located in Coney Island at the former site of another theme park called Astroland. The park features 19 main rides, including the historic Cyclone roller coaster which consists of 12 breathtaking drops.

Méga Parc

Quebec City, QC

807 km away (8 h 34 min)

Méga Parc is an indoor theme park located within the Galeries de la Capitale shopping mall in Quebec City. It is the second-largest indoor theme park in Canada and features over 20 attractions and rides (such as roller coasters and a ferris wheel).

Photo cred - NJ 1015

Casino Pier & Breakwater Beach Waterpark

Seaside Heights

886 km (8 h 42 min)

Casino Pier is located in Seaside Heights; the location where the MTV reality show Jersey Shore was filmed. The park reopened after a storm generated by Hurricane Sandy destroyed it partially and features 38 rides, a rooftop mini golf course, chairlifts, boardwalk, and a go-kart track.

Six Flags Great America

Gurnee, IL

914 km away (8 h 44 min)

Six Flags Great America is the seventh park in the Six Flags chain and attracts almost 3 million visitors each year. The park has 20 themed sections, a 20-acre water park, and several entertainment venues throughout. One popular feature of the park is its Columbia Carousel, which is the tallest carousel in the world.

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