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10 Things To Do Alone In Toronto To Get Rid Of FOMO

Third wheel no more!
10 Things To Do Alone In Toronto To Get Rid Of FOMO

We all go through that phase. You know, the one where everyone seems be dating or seeing someone expect you. It’s hard on your mental wellbeing to constantly be the trusty third-wheel. Always tagging along to events or dinners, simply because we don’t want to do it alone. Kudos to all our coupled friends that invite us along (unwillingly) because they know how we feel.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. I admit, outside the typical grocery shopping or trips to the hipster coffee shops, I don’t really push myself to go out alone. It’s not that I’m embarrassed or scared, it’s just not the norm. If you see someone at the bar alone, you assume they’re creepy or desperate. But why? Why can’t we indulge ourselves in having fun, without relying on other people? I’m here to tell you can do it, and here’s how to say goodbye to FOMO in Toronto.

1. Friday Night Live at the ROM

No one really likes the overcrowded clubs on King West anyways, so go ahead and treat yourself to something you actually enjoy. We've all been to Royal Ontario Museum before, whether it was for a school trip or just a lazy Sunday afternoon with friends. But for an extra special night out on the town, be sure to stop by their classic Friday Night Live event every week until the end of November. You'll spend the night drinking, enjoying live music, and exploring cool exhibits...what more do you really need?

2. Spend your Thursday night at the AGO

This is the perfect place to explore your creative side, whatever that may be. Walk around and take your time enjoying the exhibits at your own pace, now this sounds like paradise. Another classic landmark worth the visit in Toronto is the Art Gallery of Ontario. Similar to the ROM, the AGO has a special event they put on every First Thursday of the month. Don’t miss this week's upcoming event on October 6th featuring Kardinal Offishall!

3. Go window shopping at the Bata Shoe Museum

If you’re anything like me and have an uncontrollable love for shoes, the check out the Bata Shoe Museum! Mark your calendars for Thursday evenings, where admission is PayWhatYouCan. The Bata Shoe Museum is home to the world’s largest collection of shoes and footwear-related objects. If that doesn’t feed your window shopping addiction, I don’t know what will. 

4. Snap a cool Insta Pic at the Alan Gardens Conservatory

Need a place to escape AND even find a sweet place for a new Instagram picture? We found it. The Allan Gardens Conservatory is anything but boring. You’ll never feel lonely here, as you’ll find other single people strolling through this place any day of the week. There’s even a little pond filled with turtles!

5. Stroll through the local vendors at Kensington Market

Who said you need someone else to talk a casual walk throughKensington MarketThis area is the ideal place to venture about, especially when you're alone. You can do anything from grocery shopping at the local markets, try out a new restaurant, or even hit up the bars late at night. If you’re looking for a more lively experience, don’t miss out on the last Pedestrian Sunday this year, on October 30th. You’ll find local artists, musicians, performances, good food and great company. Where can I sign up? 

6. Spend an afternoon buried at Neo Coffee Bar

Sit back and take some time to yourself trying out a hip new cafe. We all know you love your Starbucks or Tim Horton’s, but nothing says “I’m an adult” like spending an afternoon writing on your new Moleskine notebook at the back of a trendy coffee shop. Check out the Neo Coffee Bar near King East. Not only is their coffee amazing, but they have specialty cakes – yes cakes! Don’t worry, no one’s judging.

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7. People watch at Pai Restaurant

Let's be honest, eating alone is never our first choice. But luckily we found a place where you'll never feel alone. This lively restaurant is always jammed packed, whether it be during the work lunch rush, or up until the late evening. Paiknows how to pack a place. The ambiance is decorated super hip and tables tend to be tightly packed. So if you're looking for killer food and hilarious (overhead) conversations, you got it.

8. Take a mini trip to France while at the Colete Grand Cafe

You don't need company to look and feel fancy. For the ultimate French décor, be sure to stop by the Colete Grand Café on Wellington. This café has everything from a salad bar, omelettes, pastries, and a full on dinner menu. Whether you want to stop by for a minute, or lounge around and take in this beautiful atmosphere, this is the perfect destination for any occasion. Did I mention that the place is super Instagram worthy? 

9. Finally try that new fitness class you've been talking about

Okay, you might be thinking – how is fitness going to get rid of FOMO? Oh believe me, it will. Joining classes will not only take your mind off of the daily stresses of your week, but also allows you to participate in a new activity you have never tried. Whether it be joining a yoga studio, a Barre class, or even just hopping into a class at your local gym, changing up your routine might just be what you need right now. Plus, now you won't have anyone to talk you out of going.

10. Satisfy all your taste buds with a Toronto Beer and Chocolate Tour

Who needs friends when you have chocolate? Yes, you read that right – I said taste testing beer AND chocolate! Taking place Thursday and Friday afternoons in the Distillery District, sign up to get your hands on this ultimate experience. With the perfect historical environment, you’ll be taken to try two craft breweries and SOMA Chocolatemaker. The last tour for this season is November 4th, so you don’t want to miss out. Think of it this way, no friends = no sharing.

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