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12 Places To Go Out In Toronto For Crazy, Lowkey and Adventurous Friends

Crazy, chill, adventurous: you name it.

We all know how it goes. It's the weekend, we've assembled our squad of people for a night out and then we're stuck. With a large group of people it is the WORST trying to figure out a place to go. 

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Different people like different things, and you don't want to go somewhere generic. If these questions always pass your mind before a night out, you're in the right place.

We've compiled a list of places to go out in Toronto no matter what you and your group of friends is into! Read more and have a great night!

What Kind Of Group Of Friends Are You?

Crazy & Wild 

Chill & Lowkey 

Adventurous & Outdoorsy

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Crazy & Wild 

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Dance Cave // 529 Bloor St W.

If you and your friends REALLY want to get wild and let loose, you have to check out dance cave. The music is great, and it is seriously a no judgement zone.

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Wildflower // 550 Wellington St. W

This fun club is perfect for a girl's night out. Enjoy cocktails on the Thompson rooftop, then get wild at Wildflower!

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Gracie's // 14 Duncan St

This mainly student spot is super fun and plays awesome music so you and your friends can really get down. (If their cheap shots don't get you down first).

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The Office Pub // 117 John St

The Office Pub is not like an office at all. This place can get pretty wild. Grab your friends and get ready for a fun night ahead of dancing!

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Chill & Lowkey

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The Dime // 538 Queen Street W

Known for cheap eats and good vibes, this casual bar is the perfect place to spend a night out if you just want to hang.

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Tequila Bookworm // 512 Queen Street W

This cool Queen West joint is super quirky and has late night eats that will have you and your squad eating and drinking all evening.

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Ronnie's Local // 69 Nassau St

A Kensington Market fave, Ronnie's Local is definitely a favourite spot among groups of friends who are looking to catch up instead of wild out.

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Duke's Refresher & Bar // 382 Yonge St #8

This lowkey bar has great drinks, friendly staff and just feels like home. The perfect place to spend the night with your squad.

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Adventurous & Outdoorsy

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Mascot Brewery // 31 Mercer St. 

This outdoor beer garden is adorable, and perfect for friends who like being outside!

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North Beach Indoor Volleyball // 74 Railside Rd.

Not really into drinking? That's cool! North Beach Indoor Volleyball is the perfect place to hang with friends, get active and it's open till 2:00am!

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Ripley's Aquarium // 288 Bremner Blvd

If you and your friends are feeling adventurous, check out the Sharks After Dark at Ripley's! Go after 7:00pm for a discounted rate.

Harvest Kitchen // 124 Harbord St. 

Harvest Kitchen is another outdoor patio surrounded by trees and plants. The perfect place to go with friends who hate being inside.

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