There are  rules you need to go by when it comes to relationships, in terms of the things you say and do. I have written about  Things You Just Don't Do On A Date , but keep in mind inappropriate behavior and statements don't just end there.

The last thing you want to do is put your S/O in an awkward situation. It is completely natural for couples to fight, say and do things out of anger but there are certain things you need to avoid saying for you not to have an unnecessary argument. Here's a list of 12 Things You Shouldn't Have To Tell Your Significant Other.

1. What's your kill count?

This question will lead to no good. I mean why would you even want to know the answer? Are you going to be happy if you found out that you're girlfriend slept with more than 10 guys?

2. Why can't you tell me?

We all have our own dirty secrets. Some of which, should not be spoken about. Just don't ask, let it be undisclosed. There is certain information which has nothing to do with you.

3. Relax

Don't tell your S/O to relax, they're completely relaxed. You most likely just pissed them off, and by using this word you're not making the situation any better. Give it some time to cool off, but watch your choice of words because "relax" is not a comforting word.

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4. You're overreacting

We all experience different feelings, therefore everyone's reactions are not going to be the same. Just because you don't care to miss The Bachelor, doesn't mean your S/O doesn't.

5. Stop ignoring me.

Stop being immature, if you're mad because your S/O didn't get you a burrito, tell them straight up. Vice versa, if they're not answering your phone, doesn't mean they're ignoring you. Maybe your S/O is busy singing in the shower.

6. We need to talk

Woah, woah woah. "Are we breaking up? What did I do? Are you pregnant?" There are so many things that rush through the mind when you say "we need to talk." If it's an emergency you better tell them, if not just wait till you see each other in person.

7. What do you want to eat?

Why does this always seem to be such a problem? It shouldn't take 2 hours to decide what food you want. Perhaps you should think ahead of time, or take turns making the call on what you want to eat.

8. Forget about it

You spent 5 hours fighting about the dumbest sh*t ever and now you want to forget about it? What lingers from the past will drag on forever. Get to the bottom of the argument and find a solution for it to never happen again.

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9. K, bye.

That is just f**king rude. Whether you say it during a phone call, via text or in person there's no reason for you to shut down your partner like that. It pretty much says you don't give a sh*t.

10. I'm fat

You're putting your S/O in an awkward position when you're speaking of your weight. I doubt you want them to tell you "babe you're fat." If you think you've gained a couple of pounds, don't talk about it, do something about it.

12. Is it in yet?

Please explain, how could you not tell if it's in or not? This is more commonly said in the bedroom then you think. Tighten yourself up or grow a couple of extra inches.

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